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The LGTBQA+PXYZ Color Revolution, Part II

In the past, the “Pride” movement was seen as a separate, broad and leaderless entity, focused exclusively on LGBT issues. But is now changing rapidly. Today, the Pride flag is being used as a symbol to encompass multiple concepts into a single federation.

A sort of organization of everything from Anarchists, to BLM, to ANTIFA, to the alphabet militants. It’s no longer a gay civil rights effort, rather, it is another purely political arm of the Democrat party.

The gay coalition groups are widely supported by every power center in our society. Major banks, corporations, globalist think-tanks governments and even some Church denominations. All injecting incredible amounts of funding and support into their initiatives.

But what is the basis of their “Pride?” Sadly enough, their Pride is purely based on their particular sexual proclivities. Nothing else. But being gay does not make you special. it’s not an accomplishment that deserves flamboyant parades or an entire month on the calendar.

And their argument that they are fighting for their rights is unfounded, for there are no rights in the West, that gay and trans people don’t have by the mere fact that they, live in the West. Zero. Zip. Zilch. So what is all this noise about? I will tell you in the next chapter.

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