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A Tale Of Two Presidents, One Media

A Tale Of Two Presidents, One Media

I’m sure that by now, you have heard the news about classified files recently found. No, not Trump again, but Biden. Although these classified documents were taken Illegally a while back and stored at an insecure location for six years, they waited until after the 2020 election was certified and well into Biden’s second year of his administration, to disclose this. It is only now making its way to the public.

As you might imagine, the Left-wing media have been extremely busy spinning the taking of these classified State documents by the VP and his staff, as insignificant, while condemning Trump for the same thing, except it is not. Trump, being the former Commander in Chief, legally declassified his files. VP Biden ha no such authority. Their hypocrisy is colossal, yet it is to be expected.

However, this story got exponentially more interesting when the general content of the docs were released. According to CNN, these docs are “US Intelligence materials related to Ukraine, Iran, and the UK,“ from 2013 to 2016.

For those that recall the photos of the Trump documents, that were inexplicably leaked by the FBI, they revealed the dates on some of the documents, leading us to discover that the docs were about Obama/Biden’s Iran Deal and Russiagate. Later Trump would confirm the docs were about all the things he was trying to prevent the new President from burying.

Now it’s starting to make more sense as to why Trump believed Biden would “destroy or bury” documents related to Russiagate, because Biden had a history of doing so, as we can now see as he had classified documents from Obama’s presidency this entire time.

Was ironic here is that Biden’s behavior, pertaining to the still classified files, is clearly indicating that he was trying to hide something. As VP in 2016, he hid these docs. And then as soon as he gets control as POTUS in 2021, he weaponizes the FBI to reclaim documents from Trump in an unprecedented abuse of power. All over documents that just so happen to be, about the same subjects as the docs Biden was already hiding at his think tank.

It is blatantly obvious that Biden has been illegally hiding classified docs that show his possible involvement in questionable acts. Then, when as POTUS his administration is made aware through a snitch, about documents in Trump’s possession, he weaponizes the DOJ/FBI to raid Trump’s Mar-o-Lago home to prevent him from showing the public the truth about corruption in Ukraine, dangerous deals with Iran, and the Russiagate scam created by the intelligence community, among others, to try to prevent Trump’s 2016 election, which failed but was subsequently further exploited, to bugdown Trump’s administration during his first two years. Then came the Scamdemic. I swear that you can’t make this up. I’m sure more will follow.

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