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Full Spectrum Surveillance Society

We are incrementally turning into the surveillance monster Communist China is by the methodical implementation of surveillance technologies against the American citizenry. Make no mistake. China’s Social Credit system is not far behind.

Joe Biden just signed a National Security Memorandum on “Presidential Policy Directive 28,” which removes the safeguards for personal information collected through “signals intelligence” established by Presidential Policy Directive 28 of January 17, 2014 (signed by Obama of all people).

If you still don’t get it, I will put it in layman’s terms. This Memorandum makes it easier for government agencies to spy on you and every other American citizen without restrictions nor accountability.

If you use a cell phone, surf the net, post comments, send emails or place material on social media, you are currently under surveillance. Let that sink in for a moment.

How the government of the United States violates the 4th Amendment of the Constitution using third parties under the pretense of “no reasonable expectation of privacy” as in you use a phone, or posting on the internet. Here are some of the tools:

“Stingray” phone surveillance Devices

- Used by the Intel Agencies, DOJ, FBI, DHS, DEA, Secret Service, US Marshalls, ATF, IRS, all military branches, state and local Police through agreements with the DHS.

- Pretends to be a cell phone Tower from a drone or a surveillance van.

- Collects your private phone data, conversations, texts, contacts.

“Pegasus” internet surveillance software software

- Israeli internet surveillance tool hacks into your PC, iPad, iPhone without any action from you including not clicking on unknown email.

“GEO tracker” phone location tracking

- Real time tracking of your location

“Smart technology “ appliances

- Collect data on your appliance use

- Locate you by tracking of their use

- Can be remotely disabled by authorities as in water and electricity

In Orwell’s warning to the world disguised as SciFi novel, “1984,” the state kept every citizen under unrelenting surveillance, which allowed them to maintain absolute power and the official state narrative.

Silicone Valley developed China’s Social Credit technologies. If you don’t think that’s coming here you should read Proverbs 27:12:

“A prudent man foresees evil coming, and protects himself; but the fool ignores it, and it devours him.”

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