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Biden's Lies to a Nation

Biden’s speech made it clear: we the people are no longer in charge. We are political prisoners of our Government.

If you didn’t waste nearly 73 minutes of your Tuesday night to watch Biden’s SOTU address, I don’t blame you. You’d have had more fun staring directly into the sun. And If you’d relied upon Biden’s address for an accurate image of the State of the Union, you’d likewise have walked away from your tv screen completely blind.

Perhaps the most entertaining moment from Biden’s address — which vacillated from one moment to the next between incomprehensible and slurred to bizarrely violent, aggressive yelling — occurred before the speech. Jill Biden, the first lady, entered the chamber and made a bee-line for Doug Emhoff, the husband of Kamala Harris, and kissed him on the lips. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t appear to get along, but at least their spouses seem to have great affection for one another.

Biden got off to a rough start once he began speaking. Despite having the aid of a teleprompter, he congratulated Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for "another you know, another term as Senate minority leader.” It was an apropos beginning, as Biden lied about everything else in his speech — ranging from the economy, to the border, his ‘accomplishments’ and even his ‘tough’ stance on China.

Regarding the economy, Biden leaned into the same lie he’s been telling since he came into office. “As I stand here tonight” Biden said, “we have created a record 12 million new jobs, more jobs created in two years than any president has ever created in four years.” Most of those 12 million jobs, of course, weren’t “created,” as Biden claimed. They were ‘recovered’ as millions of Americans were allowed to go back to work after the Government had told people they couldn’t go to work.

Any positive economic news isn’t the result of Biden’s polices, but rather the end of the unprecedented shutdown of the American economy during the ‘pandemic.’

“Additionally” Biden claimed, “over the last two years, a record 10 million Americans applied to start a new small business.” While that’s welcome news, it’s similarly disingenuous for Biden to claim credit for it. That result, like the number of jobs ‘created’, wasn’t policy driven. They were the natural result of the pandemic ending.

Biden claimed that “Inflation has fallen every month for the last six months while take home pay has gone up.” This is technically true, but inflation was last reported at 6.5% in December — down from a shocking 9.1% last June — while wage growth stands at an average of 4.4%.

In other words, Americans are actually making less money because inflation has negated any wage growth. Real wage growth or real average hourly earnings — that which takes into account inflation — declined by 1.7% in December. Median weekly earnings have fallen by 3.4% since the start of 2021. This is nothing to celebrate.

Biden lied about reducing the deficit — the annual accumulation of debt. “In the last two years,” Biden claimed, “my administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion – the largest deficit reduction in American history.”

The $1.7 trillion so-called “cut” in the deficit is a reference to the end of pandemic relief money. Congress didn’t authorize additional pandemic relief, which showed a decrease in $1.7 trillion from federal expenditures, but Biden’s other actions and policies will add more than $4.8 trillion to deficits between 2021 and 2031.

Meanwhile Biden criticized the Trump administration for the current debt. “Nearly 25% of the entire national debt, a debt that took 200 years to accumulate, was added by just one administration alone – the last one,” Biden said. This is true, but it was the result of trillions in COVID-19 relief — stimulus checks, for example — which was passed with bipartisan support. Biden supported this.

Biden isn’t fiscally responsible. In fact, he condemned House Republicans in his speech for holding the economy “hostage.” House Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said he won’t agree to a debt ceiling increase without spending cuts. Biden demands a “clean” debt ceiling increase, which simply raises the debt ceiling without cutting any spending.

Biden also took credit for the unemployment rate, which is at a 50 year low. While the unemployment rate is currently reported at just under 3.4%, it was at 3.5%, also at a 50 year low in 2019, while Trump was President.

There’s nothing heroic or celebratory about measuring your supposed economic success against the baseline of a pandemic economy, or rather lack thereof. The reality is that economy has recovered despite the efforts of the Biden administration to squash it.

Biden didn’t propose any solutions to combat inflation, lower energy costs, or even incentivize wage growth. In fact, he took aim at the very companies, which employ tens of thousands — if not millions — of Americans, and proposed punishing them with more taxation. “But now,” Biden declared, “because of the law I signed, billion-dollar companies have to pay a minimum of 15%.”

Biden’s corporate tax hike, included in the falsely named ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’ may provide the federal government with additional revenue in theory, but in reality, it simply deprives companies of capitol to invest. Certainly taking more money from corporate profits doesn’t help put that money in their employee’s paychecks.

All of these socialist economic talking points were to be expected. The bread and butter of the Democratic Party is fomenting class warfare in America; and jealousy amongst the citizenry, as if successful Americans have committed some crime. The ignorant Democrat voter somehow believes taxing millionaires and billionaires is somehow going to make them rich. But in reality, the fiscal irresponsibility of Congress is making our entire Nation more poor and less stable.

Rather than acknowledge that welfare programs like social security and medicare are already insolvent, unsustainable, and in need of reform, Biden promised to expand those programs. The vast majority of America’s yearly deficits and cumulative debt are due to Social Security alone.

While Biden tried to paint the pig that is our economy with lipstick and failed to provide any real solutions to the crisis, he instead proposed a series of useless so-called solutions to address problems that don’t even exist.

“My administration is also taking on “junk” fees” Biden said, “those hidden surcharges too many businesses use to make you pay more.” Biden’s ‘Junk Fee Prevention Act’ claims to ban things like hidden ‘resort fees’ and cap fees on tickets to concerts.

As if Americans, who can afford to take their families on a trip to Hawaii in this economy, are desperate for $70 resort fee relief. Or those buying tickets to attend a concert are struggling to pay their rent because of a $5 ticket surcharge, not the price of eggs, milk, and their heating bills.

So too is this ‘Junk Fee Bill’ an abuse of power. It represents a dangerous precedent for unlawful Government intervention in the affairs of private businesses. It’s a virtue signaling act, which is nothing more than an irresponsible and diabolical attempt to transmit the sins of our Government onto the private sector.

It’s like when Biden blamed oil companies for making record profits. "They invested too little of that profit to increase domestic production and keep gas prices down,” Biden said. Biden has told these very companies that he intends to put then out of business — insisting that we transition away from oil and gas to so-called ‘clean energy.’ While his rhetoric alone has disincentivized their investment in increasing any production, his policies since day one have also prevented these very companies from expanding production.

“Here at home, gas prices are down $1.50 a gallon since their peak,” Biden said. Well that’s still a 51% increase over what they were before Biden’s inauguration. Gas was $2.28 a gallon in December 2020. It was $3.45 a month ago.

Even while Biden declared the climate hoax was an existential threat and celebrated the future investment in electric charging stations, which cost $100,000 a pop, Biden went off script and announced “we’re going to need oil and gas for a while,” which was appropriately met with ‘Boos’ from House Republicans.

But Biden was perhaps at his absolute worst, when he pointed to a father named ‘Doug’ in attendance, and recounted how his 20 year old daughter had died from a fentanyl overdose. “Fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 Americans a year,” Biden said. Doug’s daughter died because of Biden’s open border policy, as have the more than 70,000 annually since he took office.

Biden not only blamed Republicans for the border, saying “America’s border problems won’t be fixed until Congress acts,” but his proposed solution to fentanyl drug deaths in America was a disgusting joke.

“Let’s launch a major surge to stop fentanyl production, sale, and trafficking, with more drug detection machines to inspect cargo and stop pills and powder at the border,” Biden said. “Working with couriers like Fed Ex to inspect more packages for drugs. Strong penalties to crack down on fentanyl trafficking.”

Biden has handed our border over to the Mexican drug cartels, which manufacture the fentanyl with chemicals purchased from China. Rather than secure the border, Biden’s solution is to have Fed Ex more closely inspect packages for fentanyl. Biden is a zero, an absolute disgrace.

His proposed border bill legalizes illegal immigration by granting illegals legal permission ahead of their journey into America and amnesty to those, who have invaded.

A close second to Biden’s humiliating and disgusting exploitation of ‘Doug’ was his pathetic exploitation of Brandon Tsay to call for an all out gun ban. Tsay heroically wrested a handgun from a mass shooter at a dance studio during the Lunar New Year and Biden called for a ban on ‘assault weapons.’

Biden and the Democratic Party don’t want to ban the AR-15, they want to ban guns. A handgun is now an assault weapon.

Biden also invited Paul Pelosi to attend. He predictably used Paul Pelosi as a prop to paint Republicans as dangerous domestic terrorists. He tied this into January 6th and — like Hitler in Nazi Germany — used both instances to make Republicans scapegoats to justify his Party’s increasingly authoritarian nature.

Biden failed to mention Caylor Ellingson, the North Dakota teen who was murdered with an assault vehicle by a deranged Democrat, who told authorities he killed Ellingson because he suspected him to be a far right MAGA extremist.

“We must uphold the rule of the law and restore trust in our institutions of democracy” said the most corrupt President in American history; whose administration and Party is directly responsible for eroding any and all trust in our institutions.

The foreign agent — bought and paid for by the CCP — even had the gall to say, “but make no mistake: as we made clear last week, if China’s threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country. And we did.” Biden tried to hid the Chinese Spy balloon from the American people and waited seven days to shoot it down — after it traveled across most of the United States and completed its mission.

Biden even lied about the state of the world. “In the past two years,” Biden claimed, “democracies have become stronger, not weaker. Autocracies have grown weaker, not stronger.” Not only has our own democracy become weaker and his own autocracy stronger, but a recent report from Freedom House released in February 2022 titled “The Global Expansion of Authoritarian Rule,” says 60 countries experienced democratic backsliding in the previous year, while only 25 countries improved their position.”

Biden also exploited the parents of Tyre Nichols — also invited guests of Biden — to call for police reform. Tyre Nichols was killed by five black cops, who were hired by the Memphis PD after the police department relaxed their hiring requirements and embraced an affirmative action hiring policy to recruit more black cops.

Biden promised to continue pouring unlimited American resources into Ukraine to fight Russia. When Russia and Ukraine were on the verge of entering into peace negotiations, Biden intervened and convinced Zelensky to back out.

Biden said the problem in America was hourly fast food workers being forced to sign non compete contracts. “A cashier at a burger place can’t cross the street to take the same job at another burger place to make a couple bucks more,” Biden claimed. Biden has never had a real job, so I suppose he wouldn’t know that isn’t happening. No cashier signs a non compete that prevents him or her from leaving McDonalds to work at Chick-fil-A.

Biden also claimed that “when we made 12 years of public education universal in the last century, it made us the best-educated, best-prepared nation in the world.” Literacy rates exponentially declined after the Government federalized education under the Johnson administration.

Biden didn’t address this. His solution to failed public education, which emphasizes gender theory rather than math and science, is to get 3 and 4 year olds in government controlled pre-k’s.

At the end Biden said “We must see each other not as enemies, but as fellow Americans. We are a good people, the only nation in the world built on an idea.” America wasn’t built on an idea. It was built as a Nation and on the bedrock of a revolutionary Constitution, which asserts that the citizen is master and the Government servant.

But as I looked around that room I only saw a bunch of amoral imposters; who view themselves our masters and as the trustees of our individual destinies and fates. They swear an oath to protect and defend our Constitution, but they seek to undermine it.

Biden’s speech made it clear: we the people are no longer in charge. We are political prisoners of our Government.

While Biden said he has “never been more optimistic about the future of America,” the American people have never been less optimistic.

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