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Beware Of Those Promising A New Beginning

Two years into this pandemic, the results are in. We are living in a new world. And increasingly, we are seeing, perhaps, the emerging cocktail of a dystopian recipe that combines an Orwellian style medical tyranny with the self-indulgence and passive obedience described in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World."

Another phenomenon is that the rich got richer. And they got richer faster than ever before. And they seem, it would appear, to have an obsessive interest in this new status quo in their quest to getting richer and more powerful. And for that to occur, the Marxist philosophy of centralized control of everything is critical. Let me explain.

Today, you can't turn on the TV, the radio or go on the internet, without hearing or seeing some sort of reference to "The Great Reset," which is only overplayed by Biden's "Build Back Better," from which the administration borrowed it's campaign slogan. But what is it?

Simply put, The Great Reset is 19th Century Marxism, repackaged and resold by today's richest and most powerful entities in business, cleverly promoted using social media platforms and a 21st century socio-economic business angle to steer the world toward a global corporatocracy, where there will be no pretense of allowing individualism nor any expectations of privacy, either in thought or in practice, let alone unsanctioned individual accomplishment. Did I mentioned these same people believe the planet is over populated? I'm serious.

The Great Reset is the same old ploy to separate the younger generations from the older generations by erasing the past and anything that makes that connection. The real goal is to destabilize the foundation of traditional beliefs and core value of old in younger generations, God, family, country, so they are programmable to accept the "new" old concept, which they are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the rise of cyber-physical systems and automation.

Ironically, Marxism was the result of the 2nd industrial revolution in the mid 1800's. For sociologist Karl Marx, the whole Industrial Revolution simply consisted of the exploitation of the workers by the capitalists. Marx broke down the people into two categories the "bourgeoisie," (middle class), the owners of means of production, and the proletariat (workers),or those individuals who must sell their labor to the bourgeois. Interestingly enough, he makes no mention at all, of the mega-wealthy robber barons of the era, instead focusing on the new emerging phenomenon, the middle class. That in itself is telling but we will leave that for another day. I believe a little history is in order here.

In order to understand what the Great Reset is, we must first look to the past and those infamous innovators of new beginnings. Let's begin with that first great usher of cultural-Marxist innovation, the mass murderer Georgian, Joseph Stalin. Yes, he wasn't Russian. The Boss, as he was known within his inner circle, engaged in an extremely brutal 30-year rule as the absolute ruler of the Soviet Union, and brought forth the first attempt to reset history, and it featured so many atrocities, including purges, expulsions, forced displacements, imprisonment in labor camps, manufactured famines, torture and good old-fashioned acts of mass murder and massacres (not to mention World War II), that the complete toll of bloodshed will likely never be known. Some estimates put it over 20,000,000 million Russians and other satellite nationalities.

Fast forward to 1960's China and Mao Zedong. Chairman Mao realized that in order to move China, the oldest known civilization still in existence, away from it's history and deeply entrenched traditions, to wholeheartedly accept communism, the connection to the old ways, had to be severed. That came to be known as China's cultural revolution, "The Great Leap Forward." It was to become literally, the actual severing of all ties between the continuity of Chinese culture, until that point including family, and starting a new culture on forward void of any ties to the past. It is estimated that more than 50,000,000 million Chinese died of starvation, disease, and of course brutality, at the hands of Mao's all too willing YOUNG enforcers, the "Red Guards." Their destructive force of unimaginable cruelty and depravity, began in the halls of Academia, where students beat and tortured—in horrifically creative ways—their often elderly teachers and professors.

With youthful exuberance and clarity of purpose—they chained teachers to hot radiators and bludgeoned them to death with iron bars, or forced them to eat nails and feces, among other tortures. And these examples are the only ones I am willing to describe.

Then came Cambodia's Khmer Rouge leader, the Chinese trained mass murderer, Pol Pot, who later called his own 1970's purge of the past, "Year Zero." And approximately 2,000,000 men, women, and children, or 25% of the population of the tiny Asian country, died in what came to be known as, the Killing Fields. Make no mistake, the goal of the Great Reset is the same as it has always been. To separate the young generations from the old traditions and practices of the old generations. To start anew. For Mao, it was to destroy what he called the "four olds," old culture, old customs, old habits, and old ways of thinking.

The World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda includes the strangely ominous dictum that you will “own nothing and be happy.” The unstated implication is that the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite, and you’ll have to pay for the temporary use of absolutely everything.

Nothing will actually belong to you. All items and resources are to be managed by the collective, while actual ownership is restricted to an upper stratum of social class. Guess what? You ain't in it. This is the mindset they’re trying to program into you. Just how will this imposed serfdom make you happy is not exactly explained.

Part of The Great Reset is also the transition from shareholder to “stakeholder,” which world leaders claim will provide “equity” for all but in reality, stakeholder destroys freedom of choice and shifts power over sovereign nations with elected governments to private corporations and other unelected “stakeholders” such as the WEF. Fact is that, since the first quarter of 2020, we’ve already gotten a taste of what "The Great Reset" will mean for public health. The basic premise is that of a biosecurity state, where unelected “stakeholders” decide what is best for everyone, all the time, from cradle to grave.

Some, however, are starting to realize that these narratives of “building back better” and “resetting” the economy to ensure “equity” are proverbial mouse traps. Once you bite the cheese, you’ll be stuck, robbed of your freedom forevermore, and subject to the whims and depravities of the ruling elite, who will live an opulent lifestyle in secured compounds, while the masses live off a government subsidy, a basic living assistance, barely keeping them above poverty. But not to worry, those attractive enough among us, will always find a place with the elite at the cost of their dignity, while those of us with sociopathic tendencies, will always have a job providing security to the masters.

Given what history has taught us, I would be a little apprehensive to accept on faith, what Klaus Martin Schwab is selling as "The Great Reset."

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