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The Woke Rich--is not woke at all!

After all the chaos we have witnessed. After all the rioting, the destruction, the looting, the physical harm on people. After all the expressed self-proclaimed revolutionary goals of subversive leftist groups from ANTIFA to BLM to a laundry list of other radical groups, the Progressive Left is actually conducting forums and town halls on what to do about violence from Trump supporters when Trump loses his reelection. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!?!

If you’re not squirting blood from your eyes from your blood pressure hitting the stratosphere, let me have some of what you’re on brother! How more obvious can it be that half of the country lives in an alternate universe? Even Biden campaign ads are finally now addressing the violence on our streets BUT blaming it all on Trump and his supporters! In what world do these people live in? I got news for you. Trump’s opposition actually believe “you, me, we,” are the cause of all the violence and chaos in America. Not the rioting Marxist BLM, ANTIFA, the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and many countless others.

But you know who believes these lies more than anyone else? I’ll tell you who. The spineless, “woke,rich, white, self-flagellating liberal progressive pajama boys and girls” who have bought into the nonsense of white privilege and institutional racism. That’s who. How do you reason with them? How do you find common ground? How do you reach out to these people? The answer is you can’t. They cannot interact with us in a civil manner as they have been taught to see us as everything that is wrong with their world that must be eradicated. Right now you may ignore their rantings as nothing more than misguided hyperbole but the time is nearing when their words WILL become kinetic force, then what? We are already seeing it! There is an old saying, the wiseman sees trouble coming and prepares. The fool ignores the danger and perishes. Which are you?

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