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Wild Wild West...coming near you!!

If you think everything is going to be fine. That everything will be back to normal in this country, you are either delusional or you are ignoring what’s happening for the sake of your own mental health, but the consequences are the same. Democrats, the media, and the left in general, have a vested interest in Trump losing the election in November. And they are willing to exploit every crisis that brings about that objective. Covid-19, civil unrest, the subsequent destruction of our economy, our society, our culture, our country. You need to understand that! This isn’t about the killing of George Floyd or police reform. There are subversive forces wanting and driving this country to a bloody confrontation with the police, the military, and you. Yes you. They are arming and training for what they see as an inevitable conflict with our government. How do you reconcile with a movement that believes conservative Americans are Neanderthal brutes that must be eradicated and that we live in a racist-homophobic-xenophobic-Misogynistic oppressive country that abuses minorities, people of color, and the poor. These forces are coalitions and loose federations of marxists-revolutionaries, anarchists, eco-warriors, feminists, nihilists, atheists, LGTBQXYandZ activists, black liberation theology warriors, open borders activists, and other groups in the fringes of society.

You can deny it. You can dismiss it. You can ignore it. But eventually, reality will set in. In fact, reality may be coming to your neighborhood. That reality coming to you and yours is the new Wild Wild West. You better be ready for what’s coming, particularly, if Trump can win a second term. Are you ready? There will be no neutral bystanders. All will be considered enemy combatants.

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