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Who Is The Real Democrat Party

What I am about to tell you, will no doubt, leave some to say it is preposterous, absurd etc. Others with a greater degree of pragmatism will be surprised. But all I am about to tell you can be verified if you are willing to open your mind and do the research. I know. Probably a losing preposition, as most people are unwilling to seek information that makes them uncomfortable, nor engage in any laborious research other than asking Mr. Google, who is seriously bias towards anything critical of the one party in the spotlight. Let's begin.

The question I propose is how can a political party with such a racist and fascist past, consist today of so many diverse minorities? Simply put, the Democrats effectively discarded their "white nationalism“ and replaced it with "ethnic nationalism,“ or identity politics, while placing their racist history on their opposition, the clueless and often cowardly, modern day Republican Party. But What Really Is Fascism?

I mentioned Fascism on a previous writing, but it is a subject worth revisiting to ensure understanding. As you know, the adjective “Fascist” is an epithet often mixed promiscuously with “white supremacist,“ and used by the Democrats, and their microphones in what I call the “Axis of Dilettantes,” the Media, Entertainment, and Academia. The term is freely employed to besmirch, marginalize and shutdown conservatives or whoever challenges Democrats in the arena of ideas or exposes their hypocrisy. However, most Americans have no clue what Fascism means other than the vague references to Hitler or Trump. But this is both historically inaccurate and morally wrong.

First, let’s clarify that Fascism is not the same thing as Nazism. Nazism came a quarter of a century later as a product of Fascism. The quintessential fascist was Benito Mussolini, not Hitler. There were powerful fascist movements in Italy, England, France, Belgium, and here in the United States, before Hitler devised his own distinctive type of Fascism—a fascism built upon anti-Semitism—that came to be known as Nazism. It can be said that Nazism is racist Fascism. An obvious major departure from Mussolini who didn’t care about race at all.

Again, for those of you still unaware, or a little lacking in the understanding, Communism, Nazism and Fascism, are three sister ideologies born of the same mother, Marxism, with various degrees of similarities and differences in philosophy and application. All three are movements of the “Left.“ Neither Nazism nor Fascism, are movements of the Right. Libertarianism, or its darker brother, Anarchism—the total absence of a government authority—is the only true movement of the “Right.” Anything else is intentional deception, no matter how eloquently presented by academics or bombastic politicians.

To understand true Fascism, we need to focus on the Italian Marxist, Giovanni Gentile, the preeminent philosopher of Fascism, a prominent Italian educator who also became a close adviser to Mussolini. Gentile argues that there are two types of democracy which are “diametrically opposed.” One is “liberal democracy,” which envisions society as made up of individuals and the state as the protector of individual rights. Some will call this the founders' American model. Gentile outright rejects this form of democracy and recommends a different type that he terms “true democracy,” in which individuals are fully subordinated to the authority of the state. Gentile argues that the individual doesn’t precede society; society precedes the individual. Society forms the individual and represents what he calls each person’s “larger self.”

Private action, according to Gentile, must be mobilized to serve the public interest. There’s no distinction between private interests and the public interest. That’s because society represents “the very personality of the individual divested of accidental differences, where the individual feels the general interest as his own.” In the same vein, Gentile argues that corporations must serve society and the public welfare and not just seek their own private benefit. Who, then, speaks for society as a whole? For Gentile there’s only one answer to this question: the State. Gentile views society and the state as basically the same. “The authority of the state,” he writes, “is not subject to negotiation—It is entirely unconditioned—and could not depend on the people; in fact, the people depended on the state. Morality and religion, must be subordinated to the laws of the state.”

This is fascism, a philosophy that Gentile didn’t hesitate to term “totalitarian.” For him “totalitarian” was a positive term, invoking as it as an omnipotent State dictating all corporate policies and a unified national consciousness, in which all citizens and private entities fall into line and march behind a single banner and a single authority. Fascism, in this sense, represents a special variant of socialism, one in which private corporations and institutions are not taken over by the state, but they nevertheless, do the bidding of the State.

How can we make sense of the Biden administration’s project that establishe a medical shadow state, in which the federal government achieved its unconstitutional objectives—mask mandates, forced vaccines, vaccine passports, suppression of religious freedom, and free speech—by recruiting private corporations to do its bidding without the similarities with Fascism? What is the official name for this public-private partnership in opposition to our liberties? Isn’t this the big picture that the Biden administration attempted to draw on the American canvas? Isn’t this Fascism by definition? It's a rhetorical question.

Today‘s progressivism is a unique type of American fascism. No colorful banners and fancy uniforms, or the need for military territorial expansion. And of course, there are those annoying restrictions from our constitution, which they most often than not, circumnavigate through the courts. American fascists have been so effective in distancing themselves from their kindred spirits after WW2, that today’s new generations of Progressives, don’t even know that modern progressivism by principle, is Fascism. And when you attempt to clarify this inconvenient truth, they call you a Fascist and use the power of social media to censor and cancel you, ruin your reputation, get you fired, destroy your business, or threaten you, all of which, are classical Fascist strategies of repression. Most of today’s Progressives are stealth socialists, and make class conflict a central organizing principle.

I recognize that the Biden team would heatedly and emphatically deny the fascist elements of their policies, but this would not be because the label is incorrect. Rather, their denial would be largely based on their own ignorance of what Fascism is and the public relations disaster of acknowledging that they are reintroducing the American version of fascism. Admittedly, it’s a long way from today’s America to the kind of nightmarish regimes that Fascism foisted on the world, but anyone familiar with the relevant history, can see that we are moving quietly and steadily in that direction. And we all know history is cyclical not linear, and as such, has a way of repeating itself. I’ll leave you with the immortal words of George Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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