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What’s Behind The Equality Act

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Anti-Americanism has long been evident in higher education. But recently, it has spread from college campuses to other areas of American life. Welcome to the “Age of Wokeism,” where logic and reason, and everything once sacrosanct to our identity, no longer has any tangible value. That is their goal.

Our Founders, our country, our heroes, our institutions, our culture, our traditions, our faith, are all under attack from all sides by a once thought vanquished insidious enemy, Marxism, but it is asserting itself today in many forms—wokeism, critical race theory, ethnic identity politics, intersectionality, social and economic justice, gender preferences—in our government, in our K-12 schools, in our corporations, in the media, in sports, in Churches and Synagogues, and even in our military.

The Equality Act itself is being used to placate the desire of a minority of extremist pressure groups. It is being used as a battering ram to prosecute and abolish the free speech rights of anyone who dares defy the American Left’s attempt at forcing our acceptance to the unjust demands of these ideological fringe dwellers seeking to crush everyone who disagrees with their perspective, which many Americans consider severely detrimental to our sovereignty, freedom, health, safety, welfare and our Constitutionally-affirmed Rights.

Wokeism would make it a crime to call a man a man, a woman a woman, a father a father, a mother a mother, while forcing religious institutions to abandon their Biblical core principles and embrace the twin abominations of homosexual marriage and the clinically documented mental illness of gender dysphoria under the term “transgenderism.”

The radical ideology permeating the highest echelons of academia, global corporatism, government and domestic policy, has passed under the radar of millions of practicing and professing Christians for decades because it passes itself off as harmlessly secular.

Christians have grown compliant with the dangerous notion that there are morally neutral secular ideas like “anti-racism,” “nonjudgement” and “social justice” that are consistent with Christianity because they sound on the surface like benign ideas.

However, these ideas all stem from postmodern critical theory—cultural Marxism —which, regardless of your opinion on its application to public life and culture, it is founded in a worldview that is decidedly opposed to the biblical perspective.

The classical philosophy on which our country was founded, on the other hand, while hardly synonymous with the orthodox Christian worldview, is far more consistent with it, which is why our nation has for so long been a haven of religious liberty and the free exchange of ideas.

This free exchange of ideas has been radically impaired by the Marxism disguised as a school curriculum aptly named Critical Theory, however, it is intended to [disrupt] and [deconstruct] the very philosophical and civic systems that previously allowed true liberty to flourish in the United States.

This also comes at a time when the DOJ’s Federal Bureau of Inequity, is raiding the homes of pro-life activists and targeting parents who protest explicit homosexual sex-education in schools and is investigating social media accounts speaking out against the butchery of transgender surgeries on minors.

Fellow patriots, it has never been a time more important in our lifetime to stand up for our beliefs and defy this “neo-Marxist Woke Orthodoxy” that has taken over so much of public and private life in the United States. We either stop this now or condemn our innocent children to a bizarro world of depravity and serfdom.

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