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What is really going on in DC

What should concern every American is the videos and photos taken by workers, and residents in Washington, DC, showing street and road closures, personnel putting up miles of barricades and fencing, shops and offices being boarded up, and thousands upon thousands of uniformed, heavily armed soldiers everywhere.

Military vehicles are seen parked on downtown streets, and checkpoints with armed personnel checking identification for everyone leaving and entering DC. It's like a scene from some SciFi movie of a dystopian future. What the Hell is this all about?

Are we at war and if so with who? MAGA? Really? This is beyond bizarre! Or is this just a show of force by the Democrats to let America know who is in power? And if so, how far are they willing to go should also be on everyone's mind.

If this is just a response to the amateur trespassing into the Capitol, the Sanctum Sanctorum of government, the new Temple of Inequity, where the only deliberate fatality was the woman shot point blank range by the Capitol Police officer, we are indeed going to see hard times ahead as these power-mad sanctimonious Buffoons feel threatened.

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