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What happens when we reach ‘herd recognition’ of the truth?

Somebody has to say it: Something fishy has been going on and it’s been stinking up the place for almost two years now.

Governments of formerly-free countries are now bullying, intimidating and forcing every person of virtually every age (except themselves) to take a potentially deadly injection which they know has killed or injured untold thousands of people. In fact, they are doing everything possible to suppress information that information.

No reasonably intelligent person can attribute these actions to “good intentions” or rank incompetence.

What happens when we reach “herd immunity” of people who recognize that the death and destruction of loved ones, businesses, commerce, free markets, and Liberty itself has been deliberate and executed against their will?

It looks like the information is getting out regardless of what these baby-doc dictators want:

The opening salvo and the dress rehearsal for rewarding submission and identifying dissidents was the ubiquitous and forced use of ineffective face-erasing masks. Visit your local grocery and you can identify the zombies in reverse.

As “woke” corporations and the propaganda media continue their roles as political proxies in whipping up fear and intimidation about the virus, they willfully suppress life-saving information and access to less invasive, less expensive, and more effective treatments.

From the beginning, that 99.86% non-lethal virus has been blamed for every brazen violation of basic human rights that has followed. If communists in and out of this country didn’t unleash it deliberately, it’s easy to see why they might try.

In their narcissistic minds, we must now submit to their new alternate universe–one in which they decree anything they want and we obey, or are punished.

What will “the herd” do when they reach critical mass of recognition that these usurpations of our basic, God-given Liberties have been planned and orchestrated?

It looks like we may soon find out.

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