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We Have A World To Save

We attended church for the third time this week. Ever. Okay, well, as "non-mandatory" visitors. Meaning not for a wedding or funeral or baptism, but a Bonafide churchgoers. By now, we've navigated what to expect, where(abouts) we would sit, and how the service would run. All good on the technical.

As for the 'feels,' we hoped we would feel the way the previous visits made us feel, but we weren't positive it would happen. What ifs tried to creep in. But then the band began to play, and the singers began singing. The choir joined in on the chorus. I told my thoughts to fade into the background and my heart to receive the message. The chorus swelled and filled every pore and space in the room. I stopped thinking and allowed myself to feel. I glanced at my husband and saw he felt the same.

A sudden image, seemingly random, came to my mind: A man, stepping forward behind my husband and I, and placing his hands on our shoulders. That's it, nothing more. It was so sudden and clear that, even though I didn't actually feel a hand on my shoulder, I turned around.

Even as I asked myself, "What the heck was that all about," I understood. We found our church, our house of faith. We were home, and we were welcomed. It's now hours later, and I'm still awed, still smiling as I recount this experience.

Truth be told, faith comes incredibly easy to me. My heart has been telling me the truth for literally as long as I can remember. What has come hard, until now, is sharing and understanding my faith. But now is not the time for timid, tepid faith. Now is the time for bold and outspoken faith- faith known in your heart and in your mind by knowing the Word.

When they say everything changes when you are saved, I can tell you, firsthand, everything changes. So, if you are the "me" of months ago - tentatively dipping your toe in the water - I want you to know this: The water is beautiful, warm, and rich enough to hold you up when you fear you might drown. Come on in. We have a world to save.


Lifelong Patriot & longtime Police Wife, Elsa Kurt has channeled her fierce love and passion for God, country, & those who serve as the creator, Executive Producer & Host of the Elsa Kurt Show , correspondent and media personality for Right America Media. Her book, Welcome to the Family (Life Behind the Thin Blue Line) has been called the “must have survival guide for new LEO spouses.” The vocal LEOF advocate is also a multi-genre author who has penned over 25 books, including twelve contemporary women’s novels. Her fiction stories explore the complex and relatable experiences of everyday life – the love & laughter, the heartbreak & sorrow, and everything in between. She finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives and puts you in the front seat of every story. Elsa has also written several children’s books, all with themes of encouragement, empowerment & uplifting messaging. In 2022, Elsa launched The Writer’s Tribe Talk Show, an audio & video podcast for authors & a line of author merchandise in her Writer’s Tribe Store with clothing and more for authors & aspiring authors. Elsa also created three lines of apparel, accessories, & home decor: EKS Store with show & first responder merchandise, iGoodhuman, and Very Sweary Stuff. As of 2022, she is the current Vice President of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association. Elsa has also embraced the fun and entertaining world of Tik Tok as theotherelsa.

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