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War in Ukraine: How do we know what’s true?

How do you know when you know something?

Since that could lead to an esoteric conversation from which we may never return, a better question for today’s world is, “Are you willing not to know?”

On everything from Covid to Trump, we have watched the ‘legacy’ media reach full-scale propaganda.

They will do anything within their considerable power to get you to be against whatever they’re against and to think whatever they want you to think–even to the point of making you believe that doubt, disagreement or asking questions is dangerous.

The idea that dissent is dangerous, is what’s dangerous.

The essence of a cult and propaganda is an authoritarian or guru telling you that thinking your own thoughts is harmful or worse, will harm others.

Today, we are watching the unthinkable. We are seeing open persecution and the retaliation of dissenters. The tallest nails are being made an example and a warning to others not to oppose their authority.

For good measure, they cheer this persecution claiming that it shows moral superiority. This sets the stage to invite, then incite the public to join in and pile on. This is classic demagoguery and hate-mongering right out of the Marxist playbook, done by the very people who supposedly warned us about intolerance not too long ago.

We have seen this basic form of psychological warfare work again and again, especially on the most gullible.

So why in heaven’s name are people of every political persuasion so easily believing their reportage on the war in Ukraine? Did the same media suddenly decide to tell the truth about this one issue?

“But what am I to believe? Where will I get my news?” they lament.

A lack of curiosity is folly in a dangerous world but so is the willingness to believe a packaged narrative about a war a world away so we can feel certain of who the bad guys are.

Right now, there are a lot of bad guys, including those in our own government who have been telegraphing this war for weeks. Among the many questions we ought to be asking is, why? -and whose side are they really on?

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