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Upcoming America First Rally Attracting Both Patriots and Protestors

Plainfield, Connecticut - On October 23rd, the town of Plainfield is welcoming patriots from across the country for the America First Rally, hosted by the Quinebaug Citizens Alliance from noon to 5 p.m. at K & H Construction, 1221 Norwich Road in Plainfield. There will be food trucks, vendors and entertainment.

The main attraction – for both fans and protesters – of this patriotic event is the controversial and outspoken Congresswoman from Georgia, Margorie Taylor Greene, also known by her initials, MTG. The Republican congresswoman has made tidal waves in the heavily liberal run media, and even found herself banned from Twitter for having the audacity to speak her opinions on numerous issues and events in the country. Joining MTG on the main stage will be the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, Kyle Reyes, and host of the Kevin Alan Show, Kevin Alan.

The rally looks to have a significant attendance of patriots ready to share pride, hope, and support for the country, as well as those intending to protest the event. In fact, numerous Facebook groups have attempted to shut down event entirely, calling it – ironically – fascist.

Says Kyle Reyes on a recent Kevin Alan Show appearance, “I don’t agree with everything you say, she says, they say… but I want to hear what everyone has to say. That’s the beauty of this country.”

Sadly – and disturbingly – groups like those on social media want nothing more than to silence free speech, cancel anyone who goes against their agenda, and destroy the essence of what makes this country great. The belief of many is that rallies like the America First Rally are part of the battle cry of a nation determined to fight the deliberate destruction of the American values and Constitutional Rights.

If you’d like to contact or learn more about the Quinebaug Citizens Alliance and/or the event, visit their Facebook page or email at

  • Fight back against defunding the police

  • Politicians want to slash police, tell them NO

  • Do your part to support police, show you care

  • Development of a national media advertising blitz to rally Americans who are sick and tired of the attacks on law enforcement and focus on the negative impact the defund the police movement is having on our country.

  • The establishment of a “strike team” of researchers and reporters to highlight the devastating impact of defunding the police in our communities.

  • We will work within our communities to highlight both the positive stories of law enforcement… and bring you the stories that are ignored by the mainstream media.


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