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Unrest in the Political Forrest!

There is unrest in the forest;

There is trouble with the trees;

For the maples want more sunlight;

And the oaks ignore their pleas...

There is trouble with the maples;

And they're quite convinced they're right; They say the oaks are just too lofty; And they grab up all the light...

But the oaks can't help their feelings; They like the way they're made; And they wonder why the maples; Can't be happy in their shade...

There is trouble in the forest;

And the creatures all have fled;

As the maples scream oppression;

And the oaks just shake their heads...

So the maples formed a union;

And demanded equal rights;

The oaks are just too greedy;

We will make them give us light...

Now there's no more oak oppression; For they passed a noble law; And the trees are all kept equal; By Hatchet, Axe, and Saw...

The maples got their sunlight;

Now that the oaks are all but gone;

But as the maples are still struggling; They wonder what went wrong...

In the quest of seeking equity;

They applied the Hatchet, Axe, and Saw; And as they killed the oaks without pity; They destroyed themselves all along.

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