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Unmarried Women, The Democrats’ Other Reliable Voting Bloc

Since they 1960’s, cultural-Marxist principles and belief systems: separate and segregate by race, class, sex, sexual orientation, weight, and faith, among a myriad of other concepts we see today, such as critical race theory, diversity-inclusion-equity, known by it’s acronym “DIE,” have poured into our society without restraint. Targeting in particular, young women.

Unmarried women without children, have been moving toward the Democratic Party for several years, but the 2022 midterms may have been their electoral coming-out party as they proved the chief and effective seawall on the predicted Republican tsunami.

While married men and women, as well as unmarried men, broke for the GOP, CNN exit polls found that almost 70% of unmarried women voted for Democrats. 70%!

The Supreme Court’s August decision overturning Roe v. Wade was certainly a special factor in the midterms, but longer-term trends show that single, childless women, are joining African American women as the Democrats’ most reliable supporters. Their power is growing thanks to the demographic winds.

A new study by the Institute For Family Studies of the 2020 Census data, found that one in six women do not have children by the time they reach the end of their childbearing years, up from one in ten in 1990.

Single adult women now total some 42,000,000 million, which is comparable to the Democrat Party’s key Black voting bloc of 46,000,000 million, which are vastly larger than other important groups like labor union members at 14,000,000 million or college students at 20,000,000 million.

These women are more likely to live in urban centers and to support far left progressive policies. They are a driving force in the Democratic party and the nation’s seemingly unstoppable march to the left. They are also running away from the heterosexual nuclear family box.

Among the central drivers of these attitudes are universities, where feminist ideology holds powerful sway. Women now predominate on college campuses. According to the  National Center For Education Statistics, the number of women’s and gender studies degrees in the United States has increased by more than 300% since 1990, and in 2015, there were more than 2,000 degrees conferred.

More recently, anti-family attitudes have become more pronounced. “Queer studies” often advocate replacing the “nuclear family” with some form of collectivized childbearing. Progressive groups like Black Lives Matter made their opposition to the nuclear family, a part of their basic original platform, even though evidence shows family breakdown has hurt African American boys most of all.

In the near future, American politics, both national and local, may turn on the degree to which people remain single, and also whether they decide to have children. Right now, the demographic trends favors the Democrats.

People are getting married at the lowest rate is American history and the birth rate remains depressed. Fact, the longer people stay single, and perhaps never marry, the better things will be for the Democrats.

The single, the unattached, and the unmarried, mostly identify as Liberal. And they are already demanding the government to guarantee “affordable” urban housing, more money for public transit, and a guaranteed income for individuals and cancel student loans, among other socialist public policies.

All of which will, in turn, provide incentives to remain unattached and engage in a life of unrestricted hedonism and vote exclusively for one Party.

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