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United We Stand Divided We Fall

People don’t realize that Karl Marx’s socialist theories are all based on a fundamental belief in the existence of God, but a hatred and opposition to everything God.

Karl Marx, the father of scientific Socialism once wrote that: "He knew he was born to God but was chosen for Hell."

If you don't see the connectedness between so many of these things that are dividing our country today, BLM, ANTIFA, Woke, Political correctiveness, social and environmental justice, defund the police, CRT, the 1619 project, and the vaccinated vs unvaccinated, [ALL] supported by the Democrat party, you are already on your way to serfdom.

Unbeknownst to most low-information high on emotion Democrat voters, they will accept the chains of their own enslavement by the sheer level of their ignorance. All of which, is connected and intentional, of course.

The 2020-2021 tearing down of monuments; was just not a bunch of rowdy College age kids out there trying to have fun being destructive, it is the systematic erasing of a country's memories.

The complete obliteration of history so you can write a new one; that’s all a part of Socialism. Erasing the past leaves people without a sense of alliance or connection to their ancestors or traditions.

Its the way to a new beginning without affinity to what once was. Orwell exposed it in his novel "1984."

Lincoln once said that: "A house divided cannot stand." And we ought to know the old saying: "Divide and Conquer." We are being steered down the road of destruction by a foreign invader in the form of an infernal ideology disguised as social progressive activism seeking a socially equitable outcome. An outcome that truly only benefits those who will yield the reigns of power.

Like the Roman Centurion Quintus Dias said to his Roman Legionnaires facing a Pictish onslaught: "United we live; Divided we die."

Or as Benjamin Franklin once said during the American revolution: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Stand together now or divided we will fall.

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