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Unfortunately, Yes.

We are a nation at the precipice of destruction. Hard-core communists, not old-fashioned liberals, have infiltrated the government at all levels and have allied themselves with Islamists. These traitors, many working in governor’s mansions, state AG’s offices and big-city mayors’ offices, are allowing the destruction in cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. People, including children, have needlessly died as these traitors talk of defunding and dismantling police departments. If Trump has a weakness, it has been his failure to judge the character and true motivations of those around him. Trump has to know by now that this is not about politics anymore. You cannot negotiate with the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib or Nancy Pelosi. The war started out covertly, but in the wake of BLM and ANTIFA violence, it has come out into the open. Unless Trump’s current team finds their wartime footing, and fast, he will find himself increasingly overwhelmed. Radical progressives, which is liberal code for Marxists, can smell weakness 100 miles away. This emboldens them and fuels their fury. It doesn’t matter if their views represent only a tiny minority of American voters. Even if Trump wins in November, he is not guaranteed another term. The way things are going, there is a distinct possibility that the radicals will persuade, at least a portion of the U.S. military, to join them in trying to take Trump down. They are already saying Trump won’t leave office. Remember, Trump is dealing with Obama’s military and Obama’s bureaucracy. Obama, quietly purged the top military brass during his eight years in office, of more than 200 high-ranking professional officers and commanders and replacing them with progressive political officers who never could’ve obtain real commissions on their own merit. This is why the military brass has openly pushed back against Trump’s desire to use kinetic force against the violent Marxist mobs. Obama also remade every federal bureaucracy in his image, intentionally stacking every agency with people who were aligned with his political views. His own domestic policy aide, Cecelia Muñoz, admitted that she and her boss were in the process of rigging the federal agencies in such a way that Obama’s policies would live on long after he was gone from the White House. Case and point, Eric Treene, a prime example of the kind of pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Marxist, anti-American operative who is on a first-name basis with the leaders of Hamas’s U.S. branch, the Council on American Islamic Relations, as well as the Islamic Society of North America. Treene still reports to work every day at the DOJ as Bill Barr’s special counsel for religious discrimination within the DOJ Civil Rights Division. In short, Obama’s operatives remain in all the important managerial positions in every alphabet agency and department. Will be interesting to see what happens in November.

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