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UK’s Healthcare Wokeism

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) is designed to be the socialist ideal of utopian single-payer healthcare system. Of course, the quest for socialist perfection can never end, and NHS officials are now demanding hiring interviews to explain why a White person was hired for a job with the service instead of someone from an ethnic minority group. Yes, you read that right. Official policy at a north London—also known as Londonstan—facility now requires staff to complete and file reports showing why the successful White job candidate was found to be “more suitable” than a member of a preferred demographic group. Yes, you read that right again. The HR departments are being challenged to prove to bureaucrat executives how they scored non-White applicants and develop suggestions for how unsuccessful minority candidates can improve their scores over that of Whites. Not necessarily better skills or experience but better scoring. Yes, you read that right. Reports now indicate that the NHS, has had policies in place since July 2018, that mandate staff to justify hiring any White candidate for a senior position. That rule has been expanded in recent months to apply to all hiring. The requirement that staff explain why a candidate was “more suitable” than other candidates only applies in cases where White applicants are chosen, not minorities. One hiring manager said that “justifying your decision based on where they might be from does take a lot of time because you have to reevaluate your decision from a completely different perspective, based on race rather than ability.” A spokesperson for the Royal Free London hospital told revealed recently that the facility, is “committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce that seeks to ensure all candidates, irrespective of their ethnicity, have equal opportunities to work.“ When pressed about knowledge, skills and experience when people’s lives are at stake, the spokesperson remained silent. This “woke“ insanity infecting modern society, reminds me of Mao‘s attempt at taking China from an agrarian society to an industrial one. Soon after taking power in China, Mao Zedong and the CCP, undertook a sweeping program of reforms. These policies had a profound and devastating impact on Chinese society. For thousands of years, the Chinese people survived by farming the land. By 1949, practically all arable land was under cultivation, and peasants constituted 85% of the Chinese population. Chairman Mao wanted China’s illiterate peasants to drive the Communist revolution and transition China to Socialism. These reforms were implemented and enforced by coercive and violent means. Mao‘s Chinese Communist Party exploited ethnic and societal class differences and grievances through government propaganda and the state-sanctioned “Speak Bitterness“ campaign, which was devised and promoted, as a means to agitate class consciousness and empower the poor into seeking equity. Many irrational initiatives were implemented to transform Chinese society. Doctors were made farmers and farmers were made doctors. The result was the deaths of approximately 45 million people between 1958 and 1962 alone. I see many similarities between today’s “wokeism“ and equity of outcome regardless of consequences and yesteryear‘s Communist societal programs. In the end, it is the same insanity repackaged. Perhaps without violence but no less irrational. In the end, people will die

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