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Two Different Worlds

There is very little “overlap” left between liberal and conservative Americans in how we perceive reality. Maybe none. This didn’t happen overnight either, as we’ve been working our way towards it for some time.

The 2016 election is seen as the breaking point for many, but there was a lot of years of bending before that snap. Today, you can watch a night of Fox News or MSNBC, and get the impression that you’re watching a television feed from two different planets.

To this day, despite the Durham report, there are still Democrat viewers of MSNBC who would swear on the lives of the children they didn’t abort, that Donald Trump was only elected because the Russians interfered in the 2016 election in his favor, and that he is a Russian agent. I am serious.

On the other hand, although Trump voters recognize the irregularities that occurred during the 2020 election—who can forget the under the table boxes full of ballots in Fulton county, Georgia— they fail to realize that what essentially propelled “Basement Joe” pass the finish line was the Democrats’ superb ballot harvesting operation and the shenanigans of the mail-in ballots, pushed on the American electorate during the Covid scamdemic.

Then there was the Republicans’ 2022 midterms disappointment, largely caused by the scorn suburban white women have of the SCOTUS decision on abortion. Something that will also be in play in the 2024 election.

With all that said, there are TV personalities in MSNBC News, and others, who beyond their grandiose omniscience and narcissism, actually know better, but just choose to embellish the truth because of their core audience and for the sake of ratings. Yes, this means you Rachel Maddow, Joy Reed, and Nicole Wallace, among others.

We have learned yet again that the Russian collusion hoax, was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign in a coordinated attempt to smear Donald Trump’s candidacy and distract from her own unauthorized, and compromised, private server scandal.

We also learned that President Barack Obama and his VP, Joe Biden, AG Loretta Lynch and FBI director, James Comey, were briefed by the CIA’s Director, John Brennan, on the Clinton campaign’s origins of the Steel Dossier, but played along just the same. In fact, we learned that the FBI was weaponized to protect Clinton and go after team Trump.

After the 2016 election, the then Director of the FBI, James Comey, briefed President-elect, Donald Trump, on the existence of the Steel Dossier—knowing that it would be leaked— thereby giving the fraudulent Fusion GPS opposition research hit piece, the thin veil of newsworthiness needed to get the bogus story rolling in the news cycles. From there, not a single objective act of serious journalism was ever committed by the all too-eager to collaborate, mainstream media.

Every minor attempt to “verify” the story failed because you can’t prove a lie. But that didn’t stop the liars from reporting the lies as fact. Anonymous sources, many of whom now sit as paid employees of the media outlets they lied to, CNN, MSNBC, project pile of BS after pile of BS, all of which are immediately and unquestioningly, spit out on television and in newspapers.

There isn’t an aspect of the Russia collusion story that hasn’t been exposed as a political lie, a complete hoax, but when this latest retelling of the story came out, MSNBC didn’t miss a beat. Airhead Nicole Wallace dismissed the findings of the 300+ page report less than a half hour after it was released, even after admitting she hadn’t read any of it! The gall!

On Fox News, the Durham report was the biggest story of the day, maybe its’s biggest ever. On the other alphabet networks, it was a blip they moved past like a homeless man passed out on the sidewalk they step over on their way to work.

Same is true for the report the previous week on the fortune “China Joe” Biden’s family managed to amass from foreign entities and adversaries of the United States, while possessing no discernible skills to sell, nor providing any marketable products. But Biden Inc.

was indeed selling something alright. “Access to and influence” in America’s foreign policy.

If you watch MSNBC you would be justified in believing Joe Biden is the most righteous man ever to walk upright, and he’s also the smartest. If you watch conservative media you see evidence that he and his family got rich selling access to his positions and connections and that he has cognitive decline issues. Two different worlds, indeed.

How can those two worlds live together? The truth is they can’t, at least not indefinitely. We have two vastly different perspectives of reality. Realities with irreconcilable differences that simply, cannot exist simultaneously.

The left is committed to their story and their perspective is locked in airtight, so any inconvenient facts won’t seep in. How long can we coexist with people whose antipathy towards us is barely contained anymore?

That leaves those of us who live in reality with two options: fight or flight. I’d rather see the RNC (and every right of center group) run ads on television everywhere with 30 seconds of truth —not hyperbolic ads trying to raise money, but to inform people who’ve not been exposed to reality in a while— rather than fighting over who gets the GOP nomination.

This Memorial Day, we must remember that the United States is worth fighting to save, but it’s not worth putting on a suicide bomber’s vest over it either. If the left wants to destroy itself, eventually we have to let them but we must make sure we don’t self-destruct either.

If the time does come for that national divorce, so be it. Let’s just make sure we get all of the farm land and oil country, you know it as Red “flyover country.” They can have the coasts.

Leftists have pretty much ruined the mega cities on the coasts already, and when they snuff themselves out of existence, through sterilization, mutilation, or when they rediscover how gender and biology really work, it will be too late. So, we’ll just take all that back anyway and rebuild it. So, think of it less as a divorce and more of a temporary separation.

Inspired by the writing of Derek Hunter

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