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They are Coming for Trump, and Us

The opening shot against MAGA America is already fired. It is the article of impeachment against President Trump, introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Representatives, along with ten Republicans by name only. But what is the intent of this article of impeachment when Trump cannot possibly be removed from office? Trump will leave office before the Senate can vote on impeachment. And there is no such thing as impeaching a person who is not in office.

Clearly impeachment has nothing to do with getting Trump out of office. It does not. They will draft an Act or law, which says that anyone twice impeached cannot run for a second term. That’s the real reason for the impeachment and Trump supporters are in for it as well.

The paper pushers of the FBI, DOJ, and other ABC agencies, which have been hand-in-hand with the Democrats throughout the Russiagate and impeachment hoaxes, are now hunting down those who attended the Trump rally, in what I call the Pensioners War vs MAGA.

Many are the MAGA identities turned over to the presstitutes media who agitates for their firing from their jobs. Already policemen, corporate employees, lawyers, government workers and executives, including a chief financial officer, have been fired for attending the Trump rally. Even recording artists have been dropped because they attended the rally. And this is not even addressing the censorship and canceling of conservative voices by the Silicon Valley oligarchy who support the Democrats exclusively. But it gets worse.

Indoctrinated school children have also exposed their own families by ratting out their parents on attending the rally and causing them to be fired. Children squealing on their parents to their teachers, is the worst part of the Democrats’ assault on America, because it shows that the cultural Marxist indoctrination that passes for education in the schools, has destroyed the trust and loyalty of the family by creating a generation of informants. Without the family, there is no society. Essentially, without family there is no country. In so many ways Americans are now people without a country.

The words “free and fair elections” will continue to be used as cover for the Establishment Oligarchy’s monopoly rule in the interest of themselves. All who find the courage to challenge the Establishment will be demonized as “enemies of democracy" and destroyed. We are already seeing it. Soon, if they have their way, MAGA will be declared domestic terrorists and what follows then is the sort of nightmare seen in Communist purges.

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