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There's No Knight In Shining Armor

I recently had a conversation with a good friend regarding his frustration with what he sees happening to our country. He really believed back after the fraudulent election, and before the inauguration of China Joe Buyden as 46, that the Military was working behind the scenes collecting evidence of election fraud and treason, and that they were to intervene and save our country. Needless to say none of it came to be. But even now he holds to the same... And that Trump will be back in the WH this Summer or Fall.

It's not the first time I have heard this... But as much as I wish this was true, now as then, I think he, and many other Americans, are setting themselves for another disappointment... Hope has generally been perceived as a positive, almost essential, motivating force. And in any case, it seems inextricably woven into the fabric of human nature... However, hope has a "darker side," in that it can actually ensnare you into false expectations, and far more than you might think.

Overall, it’s better to have a positive, or optimistic expectation rather than a stubbornly negative one, particularly in hoping for justice... So it’s only natural that the more favorable our expectations of the future, the greater will be our disappointment—or disillusionment—when these expectations aren’t met or are irrevocably crushed, and there lies the problem... It will change you into a cynic.

I don't have any faith in that the good guys in the military and government, are going to intervene to stop the destruction of our country. There are no Knights In Shinning Armor Coming. Nor, do I believe, that the hundreds of thousands of patriotic veterans with combat tours, from generals to privates, are going to rise up to save our country. The die has been cast and the path we are on, is inescapable. America will be the USSA... The United Socialist States of America. Maybe not in our lifetime but I am no longer sure.

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