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The Destruction of Men and the Family

We live in a society of consumers, a society of economic slaves in debt, working jobs they hate for what? To buy stuff we don’t need like gadgets to link to social media. We have become a society of weaklings. A society of feminized men and masculinized women, both sharing a grotesque sense of entitlement and dependence on instant gratification.

Each generation of men today is less masculine and less knowledgeable that the previous generations. It’s no accident. Some suggest even intentional. They call it the emasculation of modern man. The destruction of the Patriarchal Civilization.

Tests have shown that the average young male today has less Testosterone than an 85 year old man, which results in depression, fatigue, low ambition, low sexual drive, laziness and physical and emotional weakness.

To make my point look no further than the scourge of hopelessness plaguing black communities in our country. They are suffering from an epidemic of violence. But out of fear of being labeled racist or misogynistic, the media have failed to explore the full ramifications of a matriarchal society.

We should be talking about that today and virtually every day. The destruction of the family is at the root of nearly every problem plaguing America. Take a look at black on black violence. Nearly 75% of black children grow up in single-parent homes.

The ramifications are on full display in black communities. A female-led world operates like the south side of Chicago. It manufactures emotionally weak men with little impulse control and overly emotional women with little sexual discipline.

The destruction of the nuclear family is at the root of the violence plaguing American blacks. Black-on-black violence is so acceptable now that we no longer even debate causes and cures. Or perhaps we refuse to discuss it because the culture disagrees with the cure.

The chaos created by this dysfunction shows up in academic performance, drug usage, incarceration rates, teenage pregnancy rates, and homicide rates while Corporate media promotes bogus research that argues black fathers outside the home spend more time with their kids than other fathers inside the home. How can that be when 75% of black children live in a fatherless home? It’s a rhetorical question.

Manhood in America has been under attack for many decades. With lowering of testosterone, feminizing of boys, lack of traditional male role models, and the “privilege trap”, masculinity is taking hits from all angles. But why is male emasculation happening in America today? The simplest answer, Feminism.

The media is on the side of feminism. There are hardly any traditional male role models left in advertising, Hollywood, or any form of entertainment. Almost all male characters are dumb or overtly aggressive. Look at Family Guy, Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. The average modern “role models” for men are incredibly wealthy, sleazy business moguls or athletes. Not great moral-guiding individuals.

An increasing amount of men are raised primarily by women. From single mothers to daycare, young men never get the chance to develop a sense of masculine identity. They are taught from birth to repress any form of male expression, as that is “patriarchal” and not-needed in modern day society. Many have minimal male influence in their lives at all. No wonder to see the consequences of that in today’s America. Which leads us to the question why? The possible answer, Tyranny.

An oppressive and tyrannical society can only be founded once its male inhabitants have become neutered. The traditional male doctrine of protection and ‘violence when warranted’ is extremely detrimental to an oppressive regime. If they tried to orchestrate it within a masculine society, men would be men. They would fight back to protect the women and children, as they have done for millenniums.

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