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The War for Your Soul

I had started to write an article about the Minsk protocol and about the strategic importance of Kaliningrad, but finally decided on something more global: a few words of common sense illuminated by the Christian Faith.

We live in a culture of death and it is something evident to everyone, a culture where the youngest before such stimuli are polarized into two camps, that of the desensitized and that of the ultra-sensitive that vibrate at the slightest stimulus; a culture that, faced with the difficulty of renewing and rebuilding, chooses to destroy or apathetically await destruction with resignation and anxiety.

This is how this culture of death is characterized by having as standard false solutions that always lead to death, such as abortion and euthanasia.

Liberals who with pious words tolerate, justify, endorse and promote death... and then cry and be scandalized by the headlines of a war.

People who do not know where Russia is on the map repeat that the Russo-Ukrainian war has been unleashed by a Russian imperial aspiration, but at the same time they exercise a subtle colonization in their own communities and families where little by little they impose their progressist behavior taking advantage of that society accepts these impositions with displeasure but with an excessive tolerance.

These progressists who impose new ways of life on past generations knowing that there will be no resistance (because after all we don't want to hurt their feelings) are de facto producing a generational cultural colonization whether they know it or not.

Expanding and expanding one's worldview and lifestyle knowing that it is only accepted out of courtesy or fear but not really voluntarily is colonization.

Without justifying, we can affirm that the colonizers of past centuries, even the most terrible, were at least evident and showed it clearly with the violence of their weapons so that the other, in turn, with weapons, even if primitive, has the right to defense.

And while these groups try to label as dictators anyone who has a traditional vision of the world, they applaud the authentic and worst dictators, those with a permanent smile, politically correct applauded by the media.

Whether they are dictators with a serious face or dictators with a smile on their faces, dictators do not come out of nowhere, they are the materialization of the group spirit of the feeling of a society, a society that speaks of peace and does not lead by example, because the first thing is to try with sacrifice to achieve peace in the immediate area, if someone does not make an effort to sit down with his family to make peace even if he achieves peace between Nations, he has failed.

And certainly peace is not achieved with trite phrases or changing the profile picture on social media with a flag and the phrase '' Pray for...'' (a phrase that in many cases will be decorative, since many people no longer pray).

Voters have chosen their dictators of smiles for having prioritized style before concrete works, they do not judge trees by their fruits but by their appearance.

As I see it, the situation of the voters in the West resembles that of a civilian who has run into a firefighter who uses rude language on his way to a fire and who has selfishly prioritized cutting him off because he felt offended rather than letting him put end to a fire and save lifes.

The turning point has been the naturalization and legalization of abortion, since crossing the line of endorsing and justifying the death of the most innocent there is no limit that can be crossed after this.

And after this turning point we have seen how the elementary freedoms of human beings have been attacked throughout the world in this great psychological-media war called a pandemic, indeed it took a lot of time, planning, rehearsal and money to stop the world with the same discourse and under the same health policy that quickly turned into abuses.

Much less was required for these excesses not to advance: brave and educated discordant voices that resist and think, and so many of us have done in that fateful 2020, personally I did it thanks to the The Epoch Times Italian version.

The reality is that if today people walk freely through the streets, they do not have to wear sanitary masks or constant buy costly tests of dubious efficacy, it is thanks to a few brave people and that the supranational institutions that lead the global agenda have clearly failed and their own internal division is equally evident. Our task is to take advantage of the small leaderships to counteract the fear to which they are trying to induce us, to show that there is hope and to do it with the truth, battles have already been won with the Roe v Wade overturn and with the defense of our freedoms in a pandemic, together we can win the war.

The war for our souls.

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