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The Transgender Movement

Everyday we see or hear about transgenderism. It’s everywhere. But what most people don’t understand is who and what is behind this movement. The danger posed by the transgender movement in our schools cannot be overstated. The President of the United States is complicit in this abomination. But we will let a highly decorated combat veteran of one of America’s most elite forces, tell you in his own words. Ret. Navy SEAL Chris Beck who talks about his previous attempts to live as a woman during an interview with Ret. Navy SEAL, and former CIA contractor, Shawn Ryan on the latter’s eponymous podcast. Beck retired from the Navy after 20 years service and 15 deployments. Beck’s addressed the impossibility of sexual transition and the fixed and permanent nature of a person’s sex: “I make mistakes in my life. I think we all make mistakes. We’re human, right? You mentioned that I “transitioned” from a male to a female, and that’s not really truthful. That’s not really what happened, when I look back on it, and there was a time when I thought that was what I was doing, but it’s definitely not the case. It was an imitation. It wasn’t right. It was a mistake. It’s something that should never have happened, and I’m not a female. I was never a female. A male can’t be a female.” Beck said many psychologists irresponsibly diagnose patients as being “transgender” while recommending hormonal and surgical interventions aligned with the “transgender” narrative of sexual fluidity. He noted the financial and political incentives associated with such diagnoses. He continued: “The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) employs many ‘Marxist’ counsellors adhering the “transgender’ ideology,” Beck warned. VA counsellors, he added, “broadly subscribed to left-wing dogma on ‘critical race theory’ and ascribing victim status to their patients. If you’re university-trained, you’re a Marxist, straight up. Every university-trained person, right now — especially counselors — because I saw it. I witnessed myself. I’m witness to it, and what they’re teaching right now is hateful. It’s wrong. What [they’re] teaching right now is going to cause more damage in the long run than they ever have. The VA is stuck in that program, the VA needs to wake up. They messed me up really bad with their drugs, and with their talk. The ‘transgender’ ideology is linked to transhumanism.” He continued: “It’s the transhumanism agenda, it’s all attached. The less they make us respect and value ourselves, our biology, and the gift that we’re given, and the beauty of the machine we’re given. Everything that’s happening to us now as humans, it’s an agenda to make us not like ourselves, not to respect ourselves for us, not to see the gift, see the beauty of it all — the machine, a beautiful machine — to make us destroy that machine into something else. If something is man-made, that’s the final thing that they want. It’s the top of that pyramid. It’s not God, it’s man. It’s horrible. It’s evil. It’s an evil agenda. I’m not saying transgender people are evil, because they’ve bashed me on that all over the place. The transgender ideology and the transhumanistic agenda is evil. It’s the transgender agenda, it’s transgender ideology. It’s not the people.” Beck is absolutely right. He lived it. There’s a lot of people getting lied to and trapped by this insidious “transgender” pseudo-religion being pushed by Marxists in various fields of medicine from psychology to gender reaffirming surgery. The real diagnosed mental illness of “gender dysphoria,” is being treated not like the mental disease it is, but as a selective form of elective cosmetic surgery, but one with life altering consequences and lasting emotional difficulties, particularly for children being manipulated by weak adult parents or those with ulterior motives. To push this on them is beyond criminal. It is monstrous. And no mister President. It’s not a sin to shield children from this monstrosity.

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