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The Stage for Violence is Set

The stage is being set for violence and destruction in our country after the November elections. There is the possibility of a civil conflict in a scale not seen since the War between the States. Revolutionary elements within the political Left of our country, see this moment as pivotal in their desired final transformation of our country to Socialism. t’s like we are living in an episode of the twilight zone except this is reality.

If Trump repeats 2016 —an electoral vote victory with a popular vote defeat— expect at the very least, renewed attacks on the legitimacy of the election, along with a new round of attacks on the racist history and effects of the Electoral College. There will be complaints about voter suppression and intimidation. Expect too, I’m afraid, much more violence in the streets than what we have seen this last few months.

For four years now, the Democrats and their PR division, the presstitute-media, have been touting the notion that Trump is an illegitimate president. That he stole the election from Hillary Clinton. That he’s a Russian agent. That he is a white supremacist and a racist. They have attacked a President of the United States’ integrity, character and patriotism on national television. They continue to wish him and his family harm. They have wished him dead from COVID-19. All of this from the people to claim to be world’s most compassionate and caring people.

Besides their projections that a Blue Tsunami is coming, they are arguing that ACB is being pushed through to the SCOTUS to have a conservative majority give Trump the election, should it come to Litigation. Or that Trump would somehow cling to the office, refusing to leave the White House even if he is voted out. They have planted the seeds of illegitimacy of a Trump’s second term. They have convinced half the country that there’s no way Trump can win without cheating. And there lies the real risk.

The left still refuses to accept the 2016 election. They WILL NOT accept a 2020 election results in Trump’s favor even if he wins by a landslide. Relatedly, the left will portray an outcome in which Trump wins by a small margin, as somehow illegitimate also. Mark my words. The Left is already unhinged and seeking Revolution. How do you think violent revolutionary groups, the ignorant misguided youth from our colleges, and the Alphabet soup of extremist-activist groups, are going to react if Trump wins re-election?

The God-fearing, law-abiding, pro-police and military citizenry of our country, is more than tired of being insulted and labeled racists, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynist, Neanderthal reprobates. They are being cancelled by the WOKE mob. Their children are being harassed in schools, their businesses shutdown and their livelihood destroyed. They have already been targeted and killed by ANTIFA and BLM thugs. What do you think is going to happen when, some idiot commits an act of such egregious violence, after he or she becomes unhinged about Trump’s re-election?

I have heard otherwise patient friends say enough is enough. I have heard otherwise non-violent friends say a full spectrum conflict is the cure we need to finally remove this Marxist disease from our country so bring it on! I fear that once the Genie of Righteousness and Retribution is out of the bottle, it will be hell-to-pay to put it back in... The stage is indeed set for violence and destruction in our country this November should Trump win re-election.

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