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The Southern Poverty Law Center

“We monitor hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and expose their activities to the public, the media and law enforcement.”

That’s the lofty field-proclaimed mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center. You would think that by their tittle, and expressed noble endeavors, the SPLC is a legitimate watch-dog organization focused on rooting out “bad hombres” who would reign harm upon us. But the reality is that nothing is further from the truth.

The SPLC is a discredited and scandal-ridden group. One of its own employees described it as “a highly profitable money scam operation with several mission oriented goals: First and foremost, seek legitimacy by obtaining recognition of their services by the federal government. Second, destroy the reputation on the stage of public perception, of any organization, group, or individual, on the opposite side of the SPLC’s ultra-radical leftist ideology. Thirdly, make millions doing it.

And success has indeed come to the SPLC, which as of 2019, possessed a very large endowment of $529,801,832 million dollars and offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

It all began back in the mid-1980’s when the SPLC, made a conscious decision to become a government connected watchdog agency, fear mongering, money-raising machine, resulting in the resignation of its entire legal department in 1985.

The SPLC realized that the more “hate” they could gin up, the more credibility they obtained from partnering with the federal government and money they could raise from gullible liberal donors. In time, the SPLC’s infamous “hate map” was born. Eventually, their definition of hate included huge swaths of well-respected, mainstream, conservative America.

In truth, the only reason the SPLC considers many of these groups to be “hate groups,” is that they are the polar opposite of the SPLC’s über-leftist lunacy. The SPLC’s actions are nothing but progressives' hatred of any person or organization that disagrees with their radical sociopolitical agenda. And being a hateful liberal progressive organization is very profitable in this day and age.

Here are some of SPLC’s hate groups out of an extensive list of over 700 groups and organizations. Some will leave you scratching your head:

• Moms for Liberty

• The Jewish Defense League

• The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

• The American Family Association

• The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

• The American Freedom Party

• America's Promise Ministry

• The Barnes Foundation For Economic Liberty

• The Institute for Historical Review

• Conservative Citizens Foundation, Inc.

• The American Family Association

• Gun Owners of America

• Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas

• Natural News

• Idaho Constitutional Sheriffs

• The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

• Democrats against U.N. Agenda 21

• Constitutional Party

• Kingdom Identity Bible Ministries

• The Family Research Council

• The Council of Conservative Citizens

• The Liberty Counsel

• The Center for Security Policy

• ACT for America

• White Lives Matter

• The Alliance Defending Freedom

• The Ruth Institute

• The Pacific Justice Institute

• The American College of Pediatricians

• The World Congress of Families

• ProEnglish

• Alliance for Catholic Tradition

• Most Holy Family Monastery

• Our Lady of Fátima

What’s more troubling and frightening than the SPLC’s labeling of patriotic, or religious groups as “hate groups,” is that they routinely provide seminars to government law enforcement agencies, such as the DOJ, FBI, US Marshals and the Military, on the dangers of? You guessed it, conservatives or religious organizations they portray as domestic terrorists.

Now you understand why the FBI is trying to infiltrate Catholic groups and the Church. The SPLC is nothing more than a Democrat “smear for profit” organization, an opposition research organization like FusionGPS, which was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign to creat the bogus Trump-Russia collusion dossier. Albeit, one sub-contracted by our Democrat controlled government to train its agencies on the evils of patriotic, religious conservatives.

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