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The Russia The Democrats Hide From Americans

Post Soviet-era Russia, has never been the “anti-Western Phoenix” that both its top foreign supporters and detractors alike, miss-portrait it as for different reasons. Post-Soviet Russia, has always sought to incorporate itself into the larger Western-led World, albeit in a manner, that preserves as much of its sovereignty and newly-found religious pious, as possible.

The problem is that this has been unacceptable for the increasingly secular-progressive West, which demanded full submission, especially to the diktats of über-liberalism in both the economic and social senses, which prompted Putin to proudly resist these efforts while nevertheless always keeping his country's olive branch extended.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has simply wanted to carve out its own comfortable niche in the emerging globalist “New World Order,” instead of reattempting to follow in its predecessor Soviet state's revolutionary footsteps by pioneering an entirely new one. They eventually rejected one form of totalitarianism. They will not accept another.

The public friction between the liberal United States’s unipolar demands and Russia's multipolar vision, was responsible for the world finally beginning to realize that something was afoot by 2008, when the pseudo-fascist disguised as a centrist, Barack Hussein Obama, became president, and a New Cold War began. And here we are today.

For you who reject my calling Obama a fascist, do you even know what a Fascist is? And spare me your opinion on Trump or your results of Wikipedia or Google searches, both of which are supposedly unbiased sources of information, but are compromised by unindustrious-ignorance and intentional deception. Let me clarify things for you. Co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, recently admitted that with few exceptions, only progressive mainstream sources—and sources friendly to globalist progressivism—are permitted. As for Google, it maintains a pretense of neutrality while cracking down on right-of-center content. It is particularly dishonest, considering that Google funds, produces, and promotes left-wing propaganda through its “Creators for Change Program.” Need say more?

The real definition of a Fascist, is someone who will use governmental power to force individuals to bend to the will of government in all aspects of their lives. And who really fills those shoes other than Barrack Hussein Obama? Do you remember Obama’s DOJ under his self-described wing man, Eric Holder, trying to force Obamacare contraceptives on the nuns of the “The Little Sisters of The Poor?” So who is the real Fascist again? It’s a rhetorical question.

In conclusion, the new Russia can be our friend, as far as countries go, but the Democrats need a constant boogeyman to redirect attention to their destructive domestic policies, which are systematically tearing down our institutions and traditions, in order to bring us to the progressive‘s version of totalitarian dominance that Russians rejected after 70+ years of Soviet horror.

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