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The Red Puddle

I previously warned that following the totally fraudulent 2020 election, no future election were going to be any more honest because the American people had not addressed, nor meaningfully corrected, the corruption that delivered the unconscionable Biden 2020 win.

I said that every subsequent election would be a disappointment for Republicans, and here we are. Throw away any previous historical precedents prior to the 2020 election for they aren’t predictive anymore. The new precedent is 2020.

Anyone who thought for even a second that things would be different, isn’t even grasping the scope of the fraud that occurred. Has too much faith in our current electoral system. Is ignoring the Machiavellian creativity of Democrats to win elections.

Mark my words. Unless and until the people responsible for the massive election fraud in 2020, are held to account, and all of the methods used to commit that fraud are eliminated, such as the untraceable mail-in-ballots, there will be no more honest election results in the future.

But corruption is only one symptom of the illness afflicting America. We have been turned into a nation of gullible fools. Millions of healthy Americans stood in line to be tested for an illness for which they have no symptoms, using a test already proven to be more than 80% false, and an illness that had a 99.5% survival rate even without any “vaccines,” which are now known to be totally ineffective and potentially killing people but that they are still taking!

Any predictable Republican wins—DeSantis, Rubio, etc—are meaningless because the disastrous results in the rest of the country negate any such victories... It’s like saving someone’s arm from amputation but the rest of the body is dying from gangrene.

But tighten your seat belts for the ride only get worse from here on out. The Democrats are now convinced of the righteousness of their crusade and emboldened to go outright crazy.

And we can‘t stop them now.

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