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The Real Robert "Bobby" Crimo III

Didn't take long after the Highland Park shooter to be identified as a person of interest, for the presstitute media to begin to try to connect Crimo with MAGA, Trump, the 2A and conservatives in general. But we will have none of it.

The media is pouncing on a photo of the shooter Crimo, as proof he was MAGA, while ignoring a treasure throve of evidence connecting Crimo with the revolutionary leftist fringe movements in America. The media will attempt to ignore Crimo's online and social media profile but the truth will always prevail.

According to sources close to the investigation, in Crimo’s pockets was a hastily written 3-page manifesto detailing his disdain for “White America.” In sprawling text styled as rap stanzas, Crimo decried “White privilege,” called for the downfall of “White America,” and beseeched Kamala Harris and AOC to wage war against the "White establishment.”

Another thing the media will attempt to ignore is that Crimo, a biological male, self-identifies as a female and said he was taking progesterone therapy while awaiting approval for government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded, sexual reassignment surgery. Although Crimo reportedly has earned income through his music, he was a Medicaid recipient. Crimo is a transgender like the Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos, which has been kept quiet so far.

Sources say that Crimo, has told federal investigators that his killing spree was partly inspired by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. "Soon I’ll officially be a woman, and I don’t want whities telling me what I can or cannot do with my body,” Crimo allegedly stated. Here is another sign of a disturbed mind lost in the trappings of gender dysphoria.

When asked about the photo with the Trump flag, Crimo said: “C’on man, do I look MAGA to you? Do I look like I support the orange man?” He admitted he attended MAGA events wearing MAGA paraphernalia to take selfies and mock Donald Trump and his supporters.

Crimo also spoke favorably of "ANTIFA," the very violent, loose federation of autonomous anarcho-socialist groups, who dress completely in black with helmets, hoodies and bandannas, which they call "black bloc.” The common all-black look associated with ANTIFA is mostly the result of a revolutionary rejection of the everything America stands for. Crimo also added that he likened himself to Joaquin Phoenix’s the Joker in the homonymous motion picture.

In due time more information will appear to include where and how he bought his alleged modest arsenal.

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