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The Politics of Pressure and Punishment

I think it is time we come to grips with the “3-Ps” of the COVID-19 crisis and this Vax Mandate. We are in a bad place and I am not sure we will make it to 2022, let alone 2024. The only chance we have of getting this train back on the tracks is winning in ’22. But even if we do…. I am not sure the Republican Party is prepared to govern.

Politics. Let’s be clear. Rarely does history provide us a chance where we can know what a candidate would have done in the past, when he was running for office. President Trump locked down travel to China in January of 2020 and Biden and the Dems were screaming racism and xenophobia well into March. Imagine how devastating the initial onslaught of COVID would have been in had Trump not taken the decisive action he did. And didn’t the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate basically said no when asked about taking the Vax? So, they basically would have allowed more Americans to die for pollical gain – these are the facts and they are not in dispute.

Pressure. The Administration has started this process of mandatory vaccines that has given the breadwinner an impossible choice. Take a vaccine they do not want to take or risk losing their livelihood. I have seen many on the left try and say that worker have a choice and that employers can determine the conditions of employment. This is truly a false flag. Not one single employer would have made the decision to fire an employee for not taking the vaccine. This was designed by the few Obama West Wing holdouts to increase the vax numbers. These are the facts and they are not in dispute.

Punishment. This one hurts. The DC elites picked December 8 to make the decision that much more painful. This would be the last pay period before Christmas. Imagine the choice of a father who is trying to be that dad his children want them to me but lives paycheck-to-paycheck. All that worked wants is to make a good Christmas for his family. This date was planned for max punishment towards the folks that do not want to get the jab. These are the facts and they are not in dispute.

In my last piece, I mentioned that gut wrenching moment when a CNN audience cheered at the Biden response of “yes”, first responders should lose their jobs for not taking the jab. How far we have fallen. I have watched my own father agonize over this decision. I can see the pain in his eyes and even the stress this has placed on my mom and dad’s marriage. Take a jab – or lose your job. This is an untenable choice. Could you ever have imagined a time when our government could dictate what we do regarding our personal health decisions and levied such a punishment for failure to comply. Folks, if we let this stand, we open a pandoras box we will never be able to close. For years, we heard the comparisons between Trump and the Nazis or Stalin. I dare you to name one thing President Trump did that comes even close to what is happening now.

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