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The original definition of Fascism:

"the merger of the state and corporations to establish complete control of society.”

Unfortunately, the definition of fascism has been altered by all the search engines and even traditional publications all mostly controlled by leftists. The woke culture takes this altered definition to validate itself.

It is slanted against the right and serves as an accusation to incriminate conservatives. Imagine this: a young student is a freshman in high school, and his teacher does a history lesson on fascism. He clicks on Google or Wikipedia and the first words he reads say, “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism …” (italics added).

Did you catch the subtle addition of “far-right” in that definition? It’s not liberals who are fascists. It is the conservatives. This is a complete reversal of the origins of Fascism, which was introduced in Italy by Benito Mussolini, an Italian Communist who was tired of the economical ineptitude of Communism.

As the old generations know, Communism is a product of Socialism. A product of Leftism. Nazism is also a product Leftism. By the original definition, Nazism is Fascism with a racist element, particularly, antisemitic.

Mussolini, one of the fathers of Fascism, didn’t care about race. He had enough trouble uniting the various Italian geographical regions composed of Lombards, Romans, Neapolitans, Etruscans, Sicilians etc, who have different dialects and generally don’t like each other.

It is interesting to note that throughout history, there have been many examples of fascism, but each regime had four common characteristics: “nationalist, anti-individualist, authoritarian, and encouraging […] of commercial enterprise to meet the needs of the state.”

As Douglas Murray said to Charlie Kirk, “If everyone’s a fascist, at some point, nobody is.” At least let’s be honest.

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