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The option for Christ and His peace.

While democrat President Joe Biden held a ''gay pride'' party in the White House garden with LGBT activists in a climate of revelry and with some of them topless, in Italy the President of the Lazio region, Francesco Rocca, withdrew the support of the public administration for the LGBT march in Rome indicating that it cannot collaborate with those who defend illegal acts, alluding to the propaganda that said group makes of rented bellies, now sanctioned by the Italian penal code as a serious crime.

From one side and from the other it is clear that this at a secular level is about demographic biopolitics manifested in a fight against reproducibility, and at a spiritual level for those who have the Grace, of a fight against reality, truth and life.

Truth be told, we cannot foist on all the actors in this ideological wave, since a large part of them do not adhere fully conscious of attacking against an objective truth and an immutable natural law, many of them are indeed victims of the relativism that has been going on for several years.

Let's see how this vicious circle occurs.

When there is no hope in the future life and in a Savior (Christ) one appeals to solve absolutely everything here and now and trusting only in humans and putting it at the center of creation, always leveling downwards with false solutions that do not respect the life and dignity of the human person.

One of many examples is the Freemasonry of the French background (atheist and republican) oriented only to the political and without transcendence, very different from the also imperfect deist-style English Freemasonry, where, for better or worse, an openness to seek the Truth has been preserved.

Both are essentially incompatible by nature with Christianity but it is clear how one of them has remained faithful to its founding values and the other has become a lobby sector with unspeakable interests.

For those who make the fight against evil a cause of life it is inevitably to ask themselves: - How many of the people who defend causes that are essentially bad do so for resentment, rebellion against God, personal enmity with those who defend the Truth, for falling into stereotypes or out of plain hatred? von Mises said that resentment occurs when it does not matter to suffer damage as long as the other suffers it too, I would add that communism and the attempt of degenerating the human being are the best current examples.

Christianity, on the other hand, implies "if I can suffer so that you don't suffer, I choose to carry your cross" the opposite of resentment.

Spirituality plays a key role in determining the values of society, we see it clearly through the culture of appealing to the will and coaching, the new age and the millennial and czentennial culture in general have the same thing very well disguised: short and catchy little phrases like "Let go" moving the responsibility in the other (oh coincidence it is always the other who is to blame and does us harm) and they constantly invite us not to feel obliged to love the family but to break easily without willingness to sacrifice.

False quasi-therapeutic paths that seem to say "come down from the Cross, save yourself and save us" seem to say like those who were on Calvary, that in essence

they asked for salvation without the cross, life without pain.

It is not by chance that Christ wanted to resurrect with a glorious body but preserving his wounds, he chose to remind us that there is no salvation without the cross and this is something that the devil in his appearances in which he has pretended to be Christ has not been able to replicate, his pride prevents him from an act of humility and sacrifice for love, even simulated.

All that culture of carpe diem, of living the last years breaking with everything and not repairing, looking for culprits with alternative therapies and hedonistically focused only on enjoying the present (because deep down it is believed that there is nothing later, or even worse that everyone is saved...) clearly shows the loss of hope and the loss of love, that love that necessarily implies sacrifice as has been said before.

And by the way, loving is not merely feeling emotions, love is when you choose to act everyday in order to be coherent with that emotion, or even without emotions at all. Love is a choice and a daily sacrifice.

The world is not as it is nowadays for eminently social or political reasons but because of the emptiness that remains where God should be in hearts, a emptiness now occupied by escapism such as sex, drugs, gambling and consumerism, or by an unquenchable thirst to be revolutionaries and rebels, to always have an


-Why does a person defend what he defends? That is the question that we should ask who we see on a wrong path, no irony, no mockery, no aggressions, a simple invitation to introspection, we must tell them once per firm: Look inside. Is it really conviction and love for being human the reason that you defend what you defend? No self-justification maybe?

Christ did not resort to mockery, irony, exasperating intellectualization or insistent coaching, it was enough for him to say once like Matthew: Follow me.

In June, we Catholics, celebrate the month of the Sacred Heart, a wounded heart full of love, as surely is the heart of millions of people who have a deviant sexuality and who have erred in their steps but who undoubtedly deserve respect, love and knowing God, that God who became human and chose to suffer for love.

The ideologies that reduce the human being only to his sexual sphere come from supranational agendas that were not debated democratically, designed by people that no one chose either and although they feel like managers of the planet earth and believe that it is their duty, deep down they know that it is self-deception, they want only power and control, not guarding the planet.

No one asked for them and they have no legitimate authority and they choose to operate in the shadows.

The stimuli of society that favor an unreal life and unreal ideas are everywhere. This is largely why the population is frustrated, sad and violent (violence is the product of sadness) the expectations that the world sells unrealistically prove unattainable in reality and even if they are achieved they do not provide inner peace, at most a slight sensation of apparent calm and pleasure.

One-night stands, constantly changing premarital cohabitations, and even the unrealistic expectations promoted by pornography are indeed the norm.

This process has been going on for a long time and today it is at its climax, today the famous saying ''An evil for many is a consolation for dumb people'' is the relief of millions, millions who, having accepted as a desirable norm what should not be, live with that apparent calm of knowing that they are in the social norm but at the same time knowing that everything that goes against natural law can never provide authentic and full happiness with inner peace.

It was once the norm for a couple to wait for each other to value and self-discipline together and thus be truly two becoming one, for some time in remote times the norm was that, sadly, today the idea is laughable for most of the population.

Living in the collective reality while living the personal reality healthily is nevertheless possible and it is being in the world without being of the world that the Gospel mentions, it will certainly imply ridicule, attacks and envy, but a clear goal, coherence and sacrifice in the area of the deepest interiority of the soul will bring us authentic peace and happiness.

Without judging, without attacking, without mocking, let us present to others a concrete proposal: the option for Christ and His peace.-

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