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The New Military ? Officers to the left, troops to the right?

Almost ALL the top brass at the Pentagon and the various branches of the military today, are there NOT by merit or the normal progression of command, but as a result of Obama’s second term’s officer corp purge. Capable professional officers from Generals and Admirals down to Colonels, were forced to retire or removed from command, and in their place, second and third tier officers were promoted to fill those positions. Only that "very exclusive" division of the Navy, the Submarine Corp, survived unscathed but not for Obama's lack of trying. Of course this doesn’t mean everyone but they would be the exception to the new norm.

Secondly, progressive activists, particularly during the Obama administration, sought to radically remake the U.S. armed forces into a model of inclusiveness and diversity lowering all traditional standards of qualification from physical conditioning to forced gender acceptance into positions not suitable for women’s physiology. When the female candidates couldn’t live up to the time-tested physical demands engineered to weed out the weak, they lowered or erased the standards. Even the special operations field was not spared. Granted, the United States military has been the object of social experimentation for generations, but what progressives have done to weaken the physical and warrior spirit of our armed forces is unprecedented.

The inanity of social justice initiatives imposed upon the armed forces is breathtaking. Our military academies, like secular academia writ-large, offer courses that attack America’s history and identity as backwards and corrupt, while promoting identity politics, the transgender agenda, and anti-religious sentiments.

The credo of intersectionality is entirely incompatible with traditional military culture, with its hierarchy of command, its focus on duties rather than rights, and its emphasis on the merit, disciplined conduct, and professional competence of its members. Ask any veteran to compare today’s military culture to that of just fifteen years ago and they will tell you that it is an entirely different world. Those who excel in their physical prowess, competence and skills, are discouraged from standing out for the sake of their weaker brethren, whom are instead promoted and celebrated in order to comply with the new standards of inclusiveness and diversity. This new standard is infecting every profession today.

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