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The LGTBQA+PXYZ Color Revolution, Part III

There is a reason for the alphabet mafia’s newly discovered, in your face style, boldness. It’s not about rights for they already have equal rights anywhere in the West.

No, the LGBT+ ad infinitum movement itself - putting aside the unseen forces behind the movement - has a rational to their madness.

Their obsession is based on the survival of their cause. They know that in order to grow their numbers and subsequently, the success of their agenda, they MUST relentlessly seek new recruits and they can only come through the grooming (indoctrination) of children.

This is mostly due to the very large percentage of LGBT devout that have no children and will never have children, given their unnatural sexual tendencies. So, the only way they can perpetuate their numbers is to hijack the minds and bodies of heterosexuals’ children.

This is known as “sectarians by temperament,” the Ideological underpinnings of attitudes and behaviors in believing that their own salvation, or the success of their particular objectives, requires aggressively seeking converts from other groups.

This is the hill leftists have chosen to die on, and for good reason – Any successful color revolution requires the support of the youth. If you can turn a society’s children into soldiers for the cause, it is much more difficult for that society to fight back. And what are the primary channels of indoctrination? Public schools.

The primary tool for pursuing and brainwashing western youth has been public education, but more specifically, the TEACHERS and their unions. And the speed at which public schools are now openly embracing far-left ideology is shocking.

Understand that public schools, have your kids for half the day, while you might be lucky to get a couple hours with them per day on average. Most parents work hard, and don’t have time to keep track of their kid’s personal lives and who is influencing them.

Only in the past couple years - due to the pandemic- have parents in the US started to wake up to the woke indoctrination process in schools, and hopefully it’s not too late.

Leftist teachers argue that, sexualized discussions in class, should be protected as a form of civil rights activism. They say it is discriminatory to block lessons on LGBT issues and gender identity issues. This is obviously nonsense. I call it sexual harassment of minors.

There is absolutely no reason for teachers to be talking to students about sexual proclivities or lifestyles, whether gay or straight, and there is zero concrete evidence to support gender fluid theories. Again, this is perverse ideology, not established science.

According to studies cataloging child sex crimes Public School TEACHERS are 100 times more likely to sexually abuse children than Catholic priests. And guess which political party teachers unions give 94% of their political donations to? If you guessed the Democrat Party, you are right!

Surveys have shown a massive imbalance of leftists in education. Among English teachers, there are 97 Democrats for every three Republicans, with the proportion being even more one-side among health teachers, with 99 Democrats for every one Republican.

Among math and science teachers there are 87 Democrats for every 13 Republicans. The bottom line? The woke problem among children in the United States is primarily a teacher problem. Get rid of the leftist teachers and you get rid of the problem.

On the next chapter we will explore further into this skewed cultural phenomenon.

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