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The LGTBQA+PXYZ Color Revolution, Part I

The term “color/colour revolution,” is often associated with covert efforts among US and European intelligence agencies, to foment civil unrest within nations as a means to destabilize societies and governments for self-interest reasons.

The most notable as of late was Ukraine, when Obama’s CIA ousted the legitimately elected pro-Russia President, Victor Yanukovyvh.

This singular event was the primary trigger for the eventual Russian invasion of Ukraine this past year, as Vladimir Putin declared that he would no longer tolerate color revolutions, in neighboring countries.

It is essentially a 4th generation warfare, a concept expanded on by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino - a self professed satanist - in a paper titled “From Psyop to Mindwar.”

The goal is straightforward: to go to war against a foreign country, or one’s own country, by attacking the citizenry rather than it’s armies, by exploiting the population as a weapon to trigger instability and bring change otherwise unattainable or too costly.

This is exactly what took place in Ukraine in 2014. It is exactly what is happening here in America today.

One can debate the wider implications of that war in Ukraine, and who it actually benefits in the long run, but the fact remains that “Euromaidan,” as it is called, was a NATO supported “color revolution” that initiated a powderkeg event, that brings us closer to World War 3. If chaos was the purpose, then the purpose has been achieved.

I would suggest, however, that even Euromaidan and its effects, pale in comparison to a much larger and more destructive color revolution now underway in western nations, the “Pride” movement.

In fact, it has become clear in the past several years that “Pride,” is definitely a color revolution; a well funded and coordinated, political destabilization effort. The question is why?

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