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The Intellectually Aware

Simple "brotherhood of man" sounds innocent enough, but it's awesome in empire building.

The group or the herding instinct vastly lowers the need for aggressive police power. The more the masses are herded, fewer people are needed at the top to control and run the show.

The more people are herded, the easier they are propagandized and persuaded.

Finally, the public mind merges with the government or authority. This is George Orwell's Animal Farm where the people are controlled through deception, but they are not aware of it. In fact, they love big brother.

Pattern recognition is the key. Unfortunately, most people do not study history and so they cannot evaluate economic and social patterns. It is human nature to believe that economic and social trends in force at any given time, will remain in the same mode and direction. This is precisely the reason that most people are never prepared for sudden change. In fact, they don't even recognize sudden changes until it's too late to adjust.

A modern illusion is that everything is known to everybody because of a mass of available up-to-date information. Instead, the truth is that the media consensus is always the opposite of what will help you.

Further, the reason you can't communicate with some of your family and neighbors is that the doctrine of altruism and "public interest" has been imputed to them and in concert with government to subvert their own personal liberty. Anything to the contrary is offensive. It's as if you are not "a patriot." Self-destruction has no equal.

Men are led captive when their beliefs and thus their allegiances are reversed. All of life's concerns are then reversed, from tradition to morality, to institutions at every level of life. The means that such captivity is saturation in mass deception, to the point of ignoring self-interest and voluntary destruction.

You are the advance guard in the transition back to conscious reality and the recognition of political manipulation. The expansion of our numbers could and will mean the end of authoritarianism.

Remember this. The intellectually aware individual, living in a state of unbiased consciousness and reality, is not subject to mass hypnosis and political deception, and as such, cannot be manipulated.

Inspired by the writing of Bob Livingston

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