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The Horrifying Origins Of Left-Wing Gender Ideology, Part 2

Jumping ahead, now, to 1965 and the birth of twins Bruce and Brian Reimer. The boys are born healthy except for a condition called phimosis, which affects the foreskin of the penis. It was decided (incorrectly, it turns out) that the best way to treat the condition was circumcision. But Bruce's procedure went horribly wrong, and his penis was essentially burned off.

After several months of grasping for answers, Bruce's parents eventually decided to take him to John Hopkins in Baltimore, to see the renowned Dr. John Money. The good doctor, eager to prove the legitimacy of his theory that gender is a product of environment and culture, recommended that Bruce immediately undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Before the boy turned 2, the deed had been done. His testicles were removed, some crude approximation of female genitalia was formed, and Money instructed the parents to raise him as a girl from that day forward and to never tell him about his real identity.

The Reimer parents tried diligently to follow Money's advice, but they found that Bruce was still Bruce, even if they called him Brenda and did everything in their power to preserve his fragile and false female identity.

“Gender is a construct,” they were relentlessly told. But why should a boy raised as a girl still have boyish tendencies? Because he was still a boy that’s why. Brenda even continued to urinate standing. His boyishness came through, in spite of Money's theories.

The boys also attended regular therapy sessions with Money. For "therapy" Money sometimes instructed the boys to disrobe and inspect each other's genitals. Sometimes they were made to simulate sex acts on each other. Money explained that this was meant to be healthy sexual exploration. If you’re beginning to recognize what Dr. Money was, you aren’t alone.

On at least one occasion, nude photographs of the boys were taken. Ultimately, Money was convinced that his project had been a smashing success, and he bragged of his triumphs in many published works and journals, which embraced his allegations without questions. Except, it was not a success.

The female identity never took hold for Bruce. He was confused, miserable, and on the verge of suicide, until, as a teen, his mother finally told him the truth. Bruce chose immediately to transition back to a boy, taking the name of David. He underwent another reassignment surgery, this time to try and reclaim his true self. He felt better for a time, but neither he nor his brother lived happily ever after.

Their experience as John Money's lab rats and sexual playthings had damaged them both irrevocably. David would go on to speak out against Money, at first anonymously and then publicly. Eventually, he even got married. But all was not to be well.

The first twin whose life ended tragically early was Brian. In 2002, at the age of 36, the brother who was used as a control group in Money's human experiment took what proved to be a lethal dose of antidepressants.

Two years later, David drove to a grocery store parking lot with a sawed-off shotgun and blew his head off. Their deaths will go down in history as suicides, but, in reality, they were both effectively murdered by Dr. John Money, the father of modern gender theory.

I wish that this was all just a bit of tragic and disturbing historical trivia. Unfortunately, though Money's experiment was a catastrophic failure, and his theories were dramatically disconfirmed, he still achieved a victory on the cultural battlefield. He is a hero of the progressive left.

Today, ideas first proposed by a man who thought child rape could be "loving," and who performed a years-long, sexually abusive experiment on two unwilling children, who later went on to kill themselves, are taken as gospel truth, and to question them is heresy. He is a bona fides hero of the progressive left, just like Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger, another societal fraud.

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