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The Great Reset!!!

I understand the reluctance of people to believe that there are people, very powerful people, who can can take advantage of circumstances to affect change in the world. Sometimes for the betterment of society, more often that not, for their own benefit.

I understand that most of us live in a reality sphere of our own making given the dynamics of our existence. Family, health, career, job, finances, education, personal and social interests. But, we are suddenly living in a science fiction movie where individuals and institutions, want to engineer their version of a progressive utopia, and COVID-19 was just the catalyst they needed to set theIr machinations in motion. You probably have never heard of EVENT 201, AGENDA 2030 have you? A world pandemic which kills one in five hundred people, is forcing a world-wide lockdown and recession, followed by waves of civil unrest, particularly in the United States. Everything is connected, and the political and financial elites of the world, are colluding at this minute, to bring forth their "New World Order." They say "there is an urgent need” for global movers and shakers to cooperate in simultaneously taking advantage of the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. They're calling it "The Great Reset," but it's actually a worldwide plot to destroy American sovereignty and capitalism and reshape the world as you know it: how and where you live, how you raise your family, how many children you can have, who lives who dies, what your job will be, the abolition of private property, a cashless society and so on... This "reset" will affect every aspect of your life and the world your children will find themselves in is one of Masters and Serfs. And I got news for you, your children will not be the Masters.

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