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The future of Italy is brighter with Giorgia Meloni

After more than a decade of Italian prime ministers not elected by the people (and in several cases not even having been candidates for elective office,) Italians around the world will finally be able to elect their premier! Thanks to the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi this past July 14th, it was now possible for these elections to take place during this short term, which ended on September 22th for Italians around the world and on September 25th for Italians on home soil.

It is necessary to clarify that since 1864 Italians have enjoyed the “jus sanguinis” (right of blood) and are considered Italians for all purposes with permission to vote by mail through the reception of the envelopes by the corresponding Consulate in each jurisdiction. Not all Italian-descendants ask for recognition of their citizenship, but this right, it should be noted, only exists in very few countries, including Italy thanks to late Mirko Tremaglia. Italy is a thousand-year-old lighthouse of culture whose mere presence prevents the advancement of the single global homogenizing and gray model coveted by certain elites.

In past years, irregularities and fraud attempts have occurred. This year, it has been no different. As far as North American voters are concerned, the candidate Vincenzo Arcobelli (a prestigious representative for the General Council for the Italians abroad and candidate for the Senate for Fratelli d'Italia) has denounced that some people informed him about the receiving the referendum ballots instead of the actual political election ballot! Many having the rights to vote never received their ballots!

Something similar has happened but in the virtual world with the South-American candidate for the Chamber of Deputies for the same party, the sports journalist Vito de Palma, who is running in tandem with the former Formula 1 champion Emmerson Fittipaldi, candidate for the Senate. When you enter Vito de Palmas name into search engines, he is immediately associated with advertising links from opposition parties, a situation yet to be clarified.

The Italian left and lobbies with dark interests are interested in continuing a policy of population substitution throughout Europe. However this idea is especially strong in Italy, where they use foreign citizens as tools to achieve ''Jus soli'' (right of land.) Their goal is to quickly nationalize immigrants who, for the most part, do not have the slightest interest in adapting to the Italian culture and way of life.

If the “right of land” prevails over the “right of blood”, this would directly affect Italians abroad and Italian-descendants with the intention of transmitting their right to Italian citizenship to their

children and grandchildren.

The meteoric career of Giorgia Meloni, who is now the first female Prime Minister of Italy, bases her success on the coherence of speech and action, the defense of freedom in a pandemic against the totalitarian abuse of the “green pass”, the defense of Italian excellence, the “made in Italy” versus the unfair competition of inferior quality imitations from other countries, and its firmness in the family conceived as a foundational element of society (in a demographically old Italy) and as defined in the program of his Fratelli d'Italia party citing St. John Paul II is what makes "a sovereign and spiritually strong Nation."

The right-wing coalition formed by Fratelli d'Italia, Lega and Forza Italia is a union of forces that shakes the opposition and a hope in a time of global leadership crisis.

Many of the current leaders, just like what happens when you play chess in a timed match and you lose towards the end of the game, are beginning to make many very serious mistakes, since they do not think clearly. Mediocre and insane politicians, politicians disguised as religious representatives, lobbies and progressives are achieving with their actions a strong opposite reaction, that of a moderate, coherent and common sense right.

Little by little, the false reality that is sold to the world population seems to be disappearing, I am referring to that feeling of scarcity in countries rich in resources, and the constant discourse of fatalistic emergency.

A misunderstood environmentalism is one of many examples, because the world, despite the constant fatalistic predictions, by the grace of God, continues to turn, with resources and with people who will never let a minority appropriate it in its entirety. On the contrary, those who want us to believe this false reality are more and more unmasked every day.

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