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The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

"The 4IR", as it is known in some circles, will totally transform mankind's economic-industrial relations. The increased dependence on autonomous systems replacing human labor and skills, will play a major role in advancing "The 4IR."

This project which was already proceeding apace prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the virus conveniently served as the pretext to accelerate its rollout across the world in the most dramatic way possible via what's now widely regarded as the “Great Reset."

The resultant outcome will necessitate greater state intervention in the economy, in order to subsidize the newly unemployed masses, which will resemble a comparatively more “socialist” system, even if only imperfectly and superficially.

Reminds me of a SciFi series I watch, The Expanse, in which in the not too-distant future, the world is inhabited by two social classes of people. The elites who live isolated lives of luxury, even those in the employment of the one world government ran by the UN, and the masses of the unemployed, as automation has replaced all workers—except the serving staff and the security goons of course—and who live in idleness, drug addiction, and poverty, subsisting on what the government gives them called "basic living assistance."

Regardless of the semantics that one uses, there's also no denying that mankind itself might be somewhat genetically different in this dark future than it presently is as a result of the experimental gene-therapies (mRNA) that are being pushed upon hundreds of millions of people under the pretext of serving as vaccines against COVID-19.

There are high hopes that mRNA technology might truly achieve miracles like curing cancer if responsibly utilized, but such technology requires many more years of testing before it has a credible chance of changing the world for the better with the lowest amount of risk possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been exploited by Big Pharma in order to test these treatments in real-time on the largest number of people in order to accelerate this technology's development, not to mention the Billions of dollars made.

The other dark initiative, hidden from the public eye by the “deep state's” perception management operations, pertains to the campaign of “depopulation”. There's no denying that there are some influential forces who are in favor of this for ideological (“green”) and “pragmatic” (“overpopulation”) reasons (especially in the context of the unfolding 4IR/GR), but it's unclear whether the ongoing mass vaccination of hundreds of millions of people with experimental mRNA gene therapies is part of this, at least directly.

While nobody knows for sure what the affect will be on fertility, it can reasonably be discounted that these treatments are meant to kill off many people in the near future. After all, despite the 4IR/GR, the “deep state” still requires a tax base and some human labor to build the “new economy's” machines. Considering the fact that so many younger people have already been vaccinated, it's unrealistic that they'd kill off their most promising labor pool.

Former US President Trump did a lot to popularize awareness of this and some of the other trends that were earlier discussed, which he did on his own prerogative, but in a way which greatly upset most of the world's “deep states”, including his own. This explains the universal revulsion that they had for him. Still have for him.

All preexisting trends are now being accelerated and compressed, including the geopolitical, military, economic-industrial, information-communication, healthcare (genetic engineering), governmental (“socialist/”fascist”), and “green” (“depopulation”) ones.

This means that everyone is truly living in an unprecedented era of history, whereby literally, everything about life as they know it will be completely different within a decade. The very nature of international, economic, civil-state, and even human-to-human relations is transforming at a record pace, with folks either choosing to remain asleep like the “deep state” wants or wake up and peacefully try to stop them if it's even at all still possible to do so. I don't know.

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