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The Evil Among Us

If you've been watching the goings on in the celebrity world - musicians, actors, sports figures, and even politicians - then you likely witnessed or at least heard about a few of the spectacles, ahem, performances they've put on the world stage. Entertainers like Sam Smith, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga to name a few, have all put on acts of blatant Satan worshipping and general depravity for the Left to revere and the Right to rail against.

Whether these exhibitions are merely for shock and attention, or genuine beliefs is irrelevant. If they're pushing the messaging for the former, they're disgusting. If they're pushing it for the latter... they're disgusting. To these so-called entertainers and public figures, I would say that when your target audience is primarily young, impressionable humans, choosing this kind of messaging, is - at the very least - irresponsible. You have figuratively, or maybe literally, sold your soul to the devil for the love of fame and money. And if that isn't shameful enough, what's worse is that you target our children. For that, you are unforgivable.

Anyone with good mental health, morals & values, critical thinking ability, and an ounce of sense looks at it all and rolls their eyes and turns it off. We know what they're putting out there is pure garbage with a catchy beat or shiny packaging.

Yeah, but our kids, right? What about them and their scientifically proven not-yet fully developed brains? What is this doing to them?

On one side of the debate, the argument is:

This kind of stuff has been around for decades and we all came out of our youth into adulthood relatively unscathed. Elvis did not corrupt the souls and minds of the young, nor did the Beatles. We did not grow up to be devil worshippers despite Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Twisted Sister, and every other similar type entertainers promoting debauchery, drugs, and/or satanism. (and it wasn't with any thanks to Tipper Gore and her PMRC ratings, either). Everyone turned out fine, so relax.

The other side of the argument agrees with some of the above, but rightly adds:

This generation's ability to have immediate access to everything on the internet (social media and porn for example) the excessive screen time, the graphic video games, the constant barrage of radical leftist propaganda everywhere they turn, and the glamorization of mental illness and body dysphoria cannot be compared with the limited exposure of our younger days. The two are simply not the same.

Both sides make good points. But ultimately - then and now - it has always been our responsibility to protect our children. Yes, it is harder than ever to keep them on the right path. The one generational constant is that you cannot - not feasibly - stop them from seeing and listening to mainstream media and music. The universal knowledge that you can and should talk to them from an early age about what they're consuming and absorbing from the outside world has not changed, either.

If anything good can come of these repugnant displays, is they serve as the example for your children of what evil, greed, and vanity look like. Shine a light on the darkness they dress up as glamour by exposing the poor mental, spiritual, and physical health of these people. So, yes, let them (age appropriately) see and hear. Remember, they can't fight the devil if they can't recognize him.

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