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The Establishment Oligarchy

The country we think we live in does not exist, or at least it hasn't in our lifetime... A uniquely American autocratic system was created after WW2, establishing what we call today the “Establishment Oligarchy.” It is composed of select politicians from both political parties, holding office for decades. A perversion of what the Founders intended, politicians have made a career where they, our employees, rule over our lives, vote in their salary and raises, establish their benefits, pensions and healthcare, all funded by the employers, us the taxpayers, while wasting trillions of our money on special interest’s objectives, lobbyists’ initiatives, and their own personal pet projects, all while selling access and their influence to the World’s only super power.

Then came Donald J Trump, an outsider, and the impossible happened. The Establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, was defeated despite the lies and innuendos circulated by their propaganda machinery, the mainstream media, and the fraud machine that was in place, been in place, to guarantee that only Establishment candidates held the White House. And the system was stunned. But even before the shock wore off, antibodies were been developed to force the eviction of the pathogen that had invaded the Establishment host. A pathogen that threatened to expose the corruption, the racketeering, the treason conducted by those exploiting the system for their own gain. But worse yet, bring it to a stop.

A Good friend and former marine, an optimist by nature and a cynic by experience, told me recently; "There is a system in place. It is the way it has been and it is the way it will always be. The sooner you accept it, the happier your life will be. In our eyes, we are a free society but get in the way of the system and it will destroy you." That’s not the America our founders envisioned but it is the monster that has been created, given our propensity for inequity. And the monster is fighting for its life using our very system of governance.

This is an egregious travesty of justice to whom was probably the best President we have seen in our lifetime. Americans consumed by ideological tribalism, irrational hatred for a man they never even met, and the Establishment Oligarchy's unlimited resources paid by our taxes, elected a physically and mentally feeble conman instead of the patriot whose vision was America first and foremost. That dark winter that Biden warned us about, in what was probably an unintentional and inadvertent moment of honesty and clarity, is indeed coming. You will know when it’s here.

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