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The Derailment Disaster

The recent train derailment near the small town of East Palestine, Ohio, and largely ignored by the mainstream media, is beginning to take shape as the worst environmental disaster in the country.

The Norfolk Southern train carrying some of the most toxic chemicals known to man, vinyl chloride, benzene, butyl acrylate, and others, derailed, causing a huge fire and, fearing a massive explosion that would release shrapnel into the surrounding area, emergency responders intentionally breached five cars to let out the chemicals inside and diverted it into a trench to burnt off.

Officials warned, however, that such actions would send toxic gases of phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the atmosphere, which it did in massive concentrations. The measure released bellowing clouds of toxic smoke and particles saturating the immediate area and beyond riding wind currents.

What makes this even more dumbfounding is that while thousands of livestock, pets, and wildlife carcasses are appearing everywhere, officials wearing respirators, are telling the local residents that they can return to their homes despite people complaining of feeling sick, lightheaded, nauseous, having headaches, stinging eyes, burning throats. How is this possible? It’s Unbelievable!

Kirk Kollar of the Ohio EPA said high levels of toxic chemicals have been detected in nearby waterways and are immediately toxic to fish, and that spilt material had leaked into Sulphur Run, Lesley Run, Little Beaver Creek, and the Ohio River and are being monitored.

Environmental regulators say they have been monitoring the air and drinking water around the site of the derailment, and have so far said both remain unaffected by the spill.

I am sorry but after all we now know about the Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, the ineffective vaccines, the lies and exaggerations, and all the other crazy stuff that occurred, how are we to trust our government experts again? It’s a rhetorical question.

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