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The Code of Men

I read a great opinion piece in the Epoch Times the other day. It was written by Jeff Minick. I’ll condense it for you here and add my touch. The piece hit upon something I already knew. Something taught to me by father in more ways than one. In essence, it stated that all men worthy of the tittle “man,” live by a code. This code is a man’s set of principles shaped from his breeding, upbringing, background, education and experience. A man’s code is that set of rules he cannot break. Many are unable to articulate this code, but they know it and if they break it, a part of them dies. Break it too many times and you become what is called “hollow men” or “empty suits.”

And what is the concept of a man as I learnt it? Your word is your bond. Be strong but compassionate. Be brave when necessary, prudent when need be. Do no harm but accept none from others. Love your woman and respect her. Protect and provide for your family. Teach your son to be a man. Boys in particular, need a father not a friend. This code is inside every good man as if carved in stone.

Other concepts touched upon the piece were that women have a natural urge to nurture and cherish children; men don’t have that, but they can substitute with love towards their family. A man must also learn that a woman wants a strong man. But, she also want him to exercise good manners and civility towards her. A woman also wants to feel secure. Secured under his protection. Secured financially. In short, a woman wants a man both manly but gentle and able to provide. I will conclude with an observation from the movie the Godfather. Now that was a man’s movie...

Never discuss business at the dinner table. Never take sides with anyone against the family. Never! A man who doesn’t spend time with his family is not a real man. Always show respect. Make sure you always have at least one friend like Luca Brasi. I do, do you? And one more thing. There is nothing more important in this world than family.

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