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The Chaos Of The Liberal Mindset

The great revealing book "The Liberal Mind," explains how modern liberal thinking undermines the legal and moral foundations of ordered liberty—the laws, the moral codes, and the rules that properly govern human conduct, which arise from and must be compatible with the biological, psychological and social nature of man. Consequently, the modern liberals' Nany State violates all of the rules that make ordered liberty possible. Their collective agenda is a transference-neurosis of the modern liberal mind, acted out in the world's economic, social and political stages.

The liberals' Modern Permissive Culture, corrupts the foundations of civilized freedom and is destroying America's magnificent traditions and achievements. Their basic principles are not only antithetical to our most cherished liberties; they are also directly contrary to all that is good and noble in the human enterprise. The Liberal Mind is the first work to explain why modern liberalism appeals to the irrational tendencies and vices of the human mind.

In the The Liberal Mind, the following critical questions are asked: Why would anyone want a political system that restricts personal freedom instead of enhancing it; denounces personal responsibility instead of promoting it; surrenders personal sovereignty instead of honoring it; attacks the philosophical foundations of liberty instead of defending them; encourages government dependency instead of self-reliance; and undermines the character of the people by making them wards of the state? The answer to all , mental illness.

There can be little doubt that modern liberalism, is a sort of highly-functioning, mental illness. The afflicted individual can seemingly function normally in society, go to school, earn a degree, pursue a career, make a living, raise a family, but otherwise preoccupy, in a neurotic fashion, about what others are doing, or not doing, as made evident by their obsession with the unmasked and the unvaccinated during this man-made pandemic.

The liberal mind relentlessly seeks to challenge established mainstream norms. The rules of established and expected behavior. This is most obvious when observed through the prism of political ideology, which supersedes everything. The Liberal mind cannot tolerate opposing points of view or anything that challenges their preconceived belief system to the extent of being overcome by anxiety and mindless rage. This is why you must be shutdown, cancelled, removed from their once exclusive realm of social media. It is also a fact that there are more women that identify as "liberal" or "very liberal" than men. And they tend to be diagnosed with mental health issues in disproportionate numbers, compared to conservative women, as a recent study revealed.

The modern Liberal constantly violates the basic principles and attacks the moral and legal foundations of individual liberty, the defining characteristics of human nature, and ignores the essential realities of the human condition. We aren't all alike. There can be no "equity" when we have different levels of ambition, interests, passions, intellect, talent, creativity, resilience, work ethic, commitment, and abilities. To be sure, the liberal perspective corrupts the character of the people by appealing to their base instincts and undermining the constraints of conscience and morality. The Liberal mind also tends to be self-contradictory and logically inconsistent.

The liberal mindset preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population. It creates and reinforces perceptions of victimization; satisfied infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation; augments primitive feelings of envy; rejects the sovereignty of the individual, and subordinates him to the will of the all powerful centralized government.

I recently wrote about Machiavelli, the 16th century political thinker. He had an understanding of human nature. He understood winners and losers. His observations pivot around a central and uncomfortable fact, that the wicked, tend to win and they do so because they have a huge advantage over the good. They are willing to act with the darkest of ingenuity, cunning and ruthlessness to further their goals. They are not held back by those rigid restraints of the human spirit, moral principles.

I believe the term wicked can often be interchanged with liberal. The wicked-liberal, are prepared to do whatever it takes to win. They will tell half truths. They will fabricate lies. They will exaggerate or downplay situations. They know how, should the opportunity arise, to seductively deceive. Be charming and gracious. They will make back room deals with enemies. They will betray allies and friends. They will use violence as a means to an end. And in doing all of this, they more often than not, win elections. Conquer the World.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business, explained moral psychology. He described a rider and an elephant to illustrate his point. The rider represents intellectual reasoning. The elephant represents immediate real-time perceptions, intuitions and instincts. Most modern people, Haidt argues, think that their own moral frameworks are derived from objective, rational reasoning. In other words, it’s the rider who tells the elephant where to go, when in reality, however, moral decisions primarily come from our gut instincts, and we use intellectual reasoning to justify those decisions. The elephant is in fact making the decisions.

You have to give credit where credit is due. The wicked among us with ambitions of power and wealth, as they are intertwined, understand how the minds of the weakest and most pathetic liberals function, which is how they've been able to fleece so much money from them in exchange for nothing of real value, and continue to scam them day after day. One great example is the environmental movement. Climate change is real but not because of man. Climate change is the result of the Earth's cyclical heating and cooling depending on the Earth's tilt and orbital precession which amplifies or reduces exposure to the Sun's heat—mayor cause of weather—which determines our seasons and temperature variations. Monsoons or droughts. Scorching heat or freezing cold. They even have a name for it, the Milankovitch Cycles.

Liberals are also very susceptible to herd-mentality, speech and behavior. The liberals, knowing they are wrong, create a feedback loop that forces them to remain anchored in the absurd because of their herd-like mentality. It explains why they scream racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, etc, when their beliefs and pre-conceived biases are challenged. They will not allow debate of perspectives. Even when they know their ideas are nonsense or carry destructive consequences—which often do—they hold on to them and instead press on. By pointing out their frivolous fantasies, you are destroying their carefully cultivated Stockholm Syndrome and making them emotionally uncomfortable. They can’t handle it. They won't take it. The programming is too strong. They’ll be kicked out of the herd if anything sinks too deep. You are literally threatening their existence, so you must be evil. You must be destroyed.

These idiots, who tend to be highly educated for the most part, are so far gone that they need to create a new culture to house their insanity. It’s the only way to protect the herd from outside ideological threats. So the liberals' new culture will be a government-controlled culture without any culture, just endless petitions by victim groups, no means of self-advancement, with everyone as poor as the other—except for the wealthy elite rulers—The one Party Line will be enforced by repeating nonsense, forcing conformity, pushing all conscious doubts deep into the subconscious mind, not out an expectation of reward, but out of fear of rejection from the herd. And we will be at peace with it because there is no critical thinking going on, just adherence to The Party line. Like Klaus Schwab, the German engineer and economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum and the "Great Reset" said: "You’ll own nothing — And you'll be happy about it.”

In conclusion, liberals see themselves as the salvation of mankind, the natural inheritors of power and control, the benevolent rulers. All while ignoring the nonsense of their ideas that seeks to create a new culture of uniformity and conformity in the name of diversity, inclusion and equity. And in the process, they will destroy anyone and anything that stands in their way, including the gift of common sense, the power of reasoning, the virtue of conscience, and the God-given right to liberty and self-autonomy.

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