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The battle against woman and motherhood

"The greatest disaster that can happen to a person or a Nation is not to do evil, it is to deny that evil exists by calling it by another name: progress"

(Monsignor Fulton Sheen, from ''For God and Country, 1941'')

By Ezequiel Sebastian Toti

After Roe v. Wade was overturned last summer, a change of position by Republicans says it is now better to leave the issue of abortion bans in the hands of states, for example the Florida House of Representatives passes a ban on abortions at 6 weeks gestation and send the project to DeSantis.

"You know, it works through a committee, the Supreme Court made that decision, it goes to the states and the states are going to deal with that matter," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, said at a conference in his part. Texas Senator John Cornyn, a member of the Republican Party leadership who had previously voted to ban abortion, expressed a similar view: "I'm proud of the votes I've cast...but I don't think it's appropriate for us now that Roe has been overruled to do this by the City of Washington."

This possible alternative "solution" necessarily entails greater division in the Nation, but everything that is intrinsically good or bad, in the human being and in his structures, entails division, all the more so everything that is proposed as a solution. Indeed abortion itself is raised as a solution and progress.

Abortion, euthanasia, death penalty... are symptoms of a fatalistic society whose referents choose to apply "final solutions" (and never better applied this sad phrase for abortion, as Chesterton opportunely defined it: a silent holocaust).

These false solutions that always lead to death are not, however, something new; Already in 1939 Nazi Germany was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia in a totally democratic way, that same euthanasia that today in countries like Canada is offered to problems such as financial ones and counting on the sad award in this Nation of to be pioneers in "approving a retiree man to receive euthanasia for being poor."

And speaking of that same period and historical place, when national

socialism was just an idea, some followers of that devious ideology shouted "death to the Jew" supposedly only in a symbolic sense…

Years later that slogan became real and under an authentic extermination.

Ideologies, groups and the word if they are not based on a full vision of the human being are not only doomed to failure but also to social havoc that cry out to heaven and of which everyone will be ashamed to take part as the years go by.

Today many are ashamed of having pro-nazis ancestors and with good reason, - will the descendants of this generation be proud that their ancestors ‘’solving’’ everything with death and relativistic ideologies?

Although apparently pious excuses are sought, the reality that arises from the ius naturalis or natural law (this law is not necessarily written in the different Constitutions around the world but written in all hearts by God), is that healthy or sick, with 1 month or 9 months , product of love or not, in that womb there is an innocent and defenseless human being and there will never be justification to annihilate an innocent and defenseless human, and that the family (elementary cell of society) is sacred but not the State, a State every day more obsessed with control and children.

Perhaps the one who has best defined this cultural battle is the Italian premier Giorgia Meloni who has referred to why the word mother and woman is uncomfortable today:

''The point is the symbol: in the mother's womb we learn everything we need to be human, to be two, to love freely, to accept imperfection. If this threshold is lowered, this society is doomed.

Children have rights and above all the right to live, the right to a father and a mother, this society must stop deceiving itself and understand that there is no right to kill their child or, in contrast, that a baby is not a merchandise and the right belongs to the child to be adopted by a father and a mother, not to adults to have a child.

For those who still have the gift of Faith, we not only know that the first to recognize the Messiah was a child in gestation like Saint John the Baptist, but we also know that both Moses and our Lord were persecuted in their childhood by some kind of population control by their governments.

We also know by extension that no matter how much effort evil and its followers put into their obsession for control (a typical characteristic of tyranny, since it is known to be illegitimate) they will never be able to control the openness of life, goodness, truth and. justice that are characteristics of God and that reflects in the hearts of all men, even those who repudiate Him now.

To those who propose death, let us remind them of the value of life by taking moral height and without following their violent example.-

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