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The Anarcho-Socialist Alliance

Planned kidnapping of Michigan governor? Yes. But not by who the media tells you

Six men were indeed arrested by the FBI and Michigan authorities for an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Both the presstitute media and Whitmer, pinned the blame on Trump and his followers. But it turns out that the men arrested, were in fact, “Anarchists“ and not pro-Trump conservatives.

Several media outlets, including the New York Times and the UK Daily Mail, wasted no time in an attempt to cast the individuals as “right-wing” and “Trump supporters.“ If you are familiar with the true political spectrum, they got the term “right-wing“ correct but not the Trump supporters part.

Conservatives or pro-Trump supporters, aren’t part of the true right movement which, is Anarchism. However, the truth as usual, couldn’t be contained for long. Several YouTube videos, identified one of those arrested as a self-professed Anarchist named, Brandon Caserta. He made it clear where his ideology lies and declared they illegitimacy of both our Constitution and the government it supports. “Authority doesn’t exist, dude,” Caserta said, seated in front of an anarchist flag, “and, like, the law doesn’t exist.”

America must recognize the domestic peril that we face today. It is unprecedented in our lifetime. The unholy alliance between both extremes of the political spectrum. The Anarchists of the real far-right and the Socialists of the far-left. It’s called the Anarcho-Socialist Alliance, in the tradition of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,“ sort of logic. And who is their mutual enemy?

It is our history, the Constitution, our Representative Republic, the Free Market, American traditions and Institutions, the police, the military, our very sovereignty. That is the diagnosis of the disease afflicting our country. Now that we recognize it, we must implement the cure. Are you ready?

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