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The American Politics

Political pundits often use the terms of “Left“ vs “Right,“ to identify and measure political parties. But this unfortunately, distorts the true reality of what must be measured: government power not political parties.

As government is defined as a ruling authority, a system of civic control, the Founders were seeking a way to measure the coercive power or authoritative control of a government over it’s citizenry, a sort of yard-stick in order to find a balance between how much government authority over it’s citizens would be possible without infringing on the citizenry‘s Inalienable rights.

The result was “People’s Law,“ where government is kept under the control of the governed and political power is maintained at a balanced center, with enough government to maintain security, exercise justice and provide order, but not enough as to abuse the people.

W. Cleon Skousen in Part I of his book, “The 5000 Year Leap,” writes: “It is extremely unfortunate that the writers on political philosophy today have undertaken to measure various issues in terms of political parties instead of political power. No doubt the American Founding Fathers would have considered this modern measuring stick most objectionable, even meaningless.”

Today, as Skousen mentioned, it is popular in the classroom, as well as in the presstitute media, to refer to Communism as being on the “left” and Fascism as being on the “right,“ But this is a totally fabricated concept to intentionally deceive the American people through false history, which came after WW2, when Progressives in the Democrat Party, wanted to distant themselves from German Nazism and Italian Fascism, both of which were too close in kinship to their own big government philosophies.

As I mentioned in a previous writing, the Nazis established the 1935 “Nuremberg Laws, that institutionalized many of the racial practices prevalent in the Democrat Party, particularly in the American South. One of its major principals was German lawyer Heinrich Krieger, “the single most important figure in the Nazi assimilation of American race law.

Krieger, who spent the 1933–34 academic year in Fayetteville, as an exchange student at the University of Arkansas School of Law, witnessed first hand the Jim Crow practices of the Democrats. Fact, every Jim Crow law passed and signed, was done so by Democrat controlled legislatures and governors. Try disputing that!

People and parties in America, are often called “Leftist,” (D) or “Rightist,” (R), but the American public does not really comprehend what these terms represent. But they are not American in origin. These terms actually refers to pre-revolution France. Left and Right are old labels dating back to 1789, and the National Constitutive Assembly. The anti-monarchy secular revolutionaries sat to the “left” of the President of the Assembly. Those favoring the monarchy and the Church, the traditionalists, sat to his “right.“ Those too cowardly to choose sides, sat in the “middle.“

Skousen created a Political Spectrum scale to measure government in terms of political power as understood by the Founders. On the far “left” side of the scale was 100% governmental ruling power—Tyranny, found in totalitarian regimes such as, Monarchies, Communism, Fascism or military Juntas. And on the opposite side of the scale or full “right,” was 0% governmental ruling power, no rule of law—anarchy.

The idea was to strike a balance, which gave just enough power to a government under the consent of the would be governed, the citizenry, and as such, the United States became a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy—mob rule—which the Founders feared.

The American Founders measured political systems in terms of the amount of coercive power, or systematic control, which a particular system of government exercises over its people. In other words, the yardstick is not political parties, but political power.

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