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The American Left And Democrat Party, The Real Fascists Today

One of the distressing things about debate in the US is the way words have either been stripped of their meaning, or facts have become so corrupted as to undermine the ability to debate. It’s hard to get a conversation going when you don’t have the same understanding of basic terms. The Left‘s political orthodoxy‘s ideological obsession is destroying any possibility of rational debate or open discussion by changing the meaning of words or obfuscating facts. Instead they want to shut you down. With that said, let’s begin.

To know what Fascism is, we must first clear a misconception permeating American society today. A farce spread by the American Left, from Academia to Hollywood to Democrat Politicians. You need to understand that Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and the Chinese model, Statism, are all products of the same source, Marxism, and as such, ARE ALL A PRODUCT OF LEFTISM. That’s our starting point.

What I am telling you is verifiable, but you must exercise both labor and caution, as many supposedly unbiased sources of information, are compromised by both unindustrious-ignorance and intentional deception. Take Google for example. If you Google “fascist” the first thing that pops on the screen in images, is a photo of you guessed it, President Trump. Let’s begin.

Fascism is another totalitarian/collectivist model based on the false premises of Marxist philosophy, but whereas Communism obsesses on that the wealthiest and most successful in a society must be diminished or erased in order to elevate the weak, the marginal and the unsuccessful, Fascism and Nazism, it’s twin sibling, go one step further, in that the weak, the sick, the unsuccessful and the undesirable, must be erased, because they are a parasitic drain on an otherwise strong, wealthy, healthy and productive society. Nazism, however, also introduces a racial element to the mix, but that’s for another day.

Regardless of the particular version, "ALL“ are sold to the downtrodden, through a constant barrage of mind-stroking propaganda designed to manipulate their emotions and to stir anger, resentment, and jealousy, which leads to the necessary violence—revolution— that is sometimes needed for “change.” Yes, that innocuous word again. So if we understand where Fascism originated, how did it become a force to be reckoned with? The answer is Benito Mussolini.

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, was an Italian journalist and politician who rose to prominence in the first half of the 20th century as the head of the Italian Fascist Party. Mussolini was a hardcore Marxist. Even Joseph Stalin recognized him in an official diplomatic Soviet letter. But Mussolini was dissatisfied with Karl Marx‘s prediction that, once Marxism was introduced to the masses of the downtrodden, revolutions would take place everywhere fostering in a workers‘ collectivist Utopia after the Bourgeoisie—Middle Class—was removed. You are probably scratching your head at this revelation. Middle Class? Yes, but I already explained that in a previous writing, so we‘ll move on.

Mussolini, IL Duce, as he was known, was a prolific writer and wrote many books on the subject. He believed that his version of Marxism, “Fascism,“ was the answer to the lack of economic success Communism had suffered in their total takeover of all industry, production, and services. He once wrote: “Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail. Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism, because it is a merger of state and corporate power.“

Mussolini recognized that the inefficiencies and failures of communism could be avoided by leaving industry and production in the hands of private ownership but controlled by the state. He define Corporations as the instrument which, under the aegis of the State, carried out the complete organic and unitarian regulation of production with a view to the expansion of the wealth, political power, and well-being of society. So what really is American fascism?

The American left has “redefined“ Fascism to be representative of when massive numbers of voters come out in support of a conservative cause opposed by the left. For example, if you oppose racial quotas or gun control initiatives, you are a fascist. If you support traditional marriage, you are a fascist. If you want to cut welfare benefits, you are a fascist. If you say your biological sex determines your gender, you are a fascist. By this definition, liberals can’t be fascists, because they are on a quest of righteous causes, such as social justice. Delusional doesn’t even begin to explain the left.

As I pointed out previously, a common fallacy is that Donald Trump is a fascist. But the real definition of a Fascist is a leader who wants to use governmental power to force individuals to bend to the will of government in all aspects of their lives. And who really fills those shoes other that the Demi-God Barrack Hussein Obama? It’s rhetorical question. Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor and Obamacare forcing contraceptives on the nuns? Bingo!

Fascism in America began with those institutions that define our culture, Academia, the Media and Hollywood. Cultural-Marxism was imported into the halls of Academia by the likes of celebrated intellectuals like Herbert Marcuse. Their Alumni, eventually graduated and infiltrated every other American institution to include government. Fast forward and Fascism has become so engrained in the Progressive Left‘s psychic, that they don’t even recognize it for what it is.

Most don’t even recognize that the partnership of government and private industry for the alleged collective good of society, is Fascism. That goons like ANTIFA and the BLM thugs destroying private property and hurting people because they want revolution, is Fascism. That cancelling people and businesses and destroying their reputation, careers and livelihoods, is Fascism. That censoring people‘s opinion and comments on social media because you disagree with their right to speak their mind, is Fascism. That government forcing its will upon the individual, is Fascism. That corporate censorship, is Fascism.

A word to the wise... History has taught us the danger of vilifying and dehumanizing fellow citizens. In today's America, Conservatives and pro-America Patriots are the new Jews to be ridiculed, shamed and ostracized. We know where that road led to in the past.

But I got news for you Fascists. American loving Patriots aren’t disarmed like the Jews of 1930s Germany. America has millions of Americans armed to the teeth. It also has hundreds of thousands of military veterans with training and combat tours. They are are very tolerant of your offensive, treasonous behavior, but you keep poking the Eagle, and it may soon have enough, and may just put an end to your Fascist insanity in ways you aren’t prepare for.

The best way to defeat fascism? Look to the U.S. Constitution. It has defended freedom—and helped expand freedom to many—since it was signed. If Americans hold their elected officials to the standard of the Constitution, then fascism will not happen. If Americans decide to fight fascism with fascist techniques, then they will become the very thing they wanted to stop. Or if we go down the path of violence, we’ll then, the gloves come off.

“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.“

— Yehuda Bauer

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